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    Arkham Knight Delayed Yet Again... But It Looks Fantastic

    While it may have been delayed, there are rumors of an Arkham Asylum and Arkham City remastered being released for PS4 and XO. I always meant to go back and replay Arkham City again...
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    Peter Jackson's Hobbit Trilogy - Your thoughts now that it's over

    When an intellectual property that is supposed to be a, basically, stand alone book turns into a 3 movie long fan-fiction with references to that OTHER series Peter Jackson did.... You get a steaming pile of.... garbage. The added characters, the added "lore". ~The female elf should have...
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    Poll: Have you ever bought a game you knew nothing about before seeing in the store?

    Way back in the day... I had a choice between two games I knew absolutely nothing about. One was Donkey Kong Country, the other was Super Mario RPG. I chose Mario, and never looked back.
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    Larpers trying to buy castle as permanent harry potter-themed game-location.

    This. Holy crap, all of my this. I currently do Belegarth... More combat and basically NO role playing. While I'd appreciate some role playing, it's fine. Seriously, good for these people!!! Taking the love of something, making it grander and more open... Living the dream. Living the...
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    What's the most boring game you've aver played?

    Wow. That sounds less interactive entertainment and more like a massive QTE. OT: Any MMO that is Korean playtested. Farming creatures 5-10 levels ahead of you just so you can get 0.0000000001% exp is a chore... It doesn't make a game fun at all.
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    Rats Exonerated! Gerbils Actually Caused The Black Death

    It has been known for years that rats weren't the cause of the Black Death... Though this gerbil news is rather new to me. Thought the main cause of the disease would probably be that no one was ever, truly, clean. Animals crapping in the streets. Chamber pots being poured into the...
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    A professional, objective, apolitical future for The Escapist...

    Once Yahtzee/Critical Miss leaves, I'm out. I'd also leave if this site started getting any kind of political. I've no real idea what this guys inane twitter ramblings seems to imply... From the context of the comments, though, I'd say this moron is more than just a little offensive.
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    MovieBob leaving The Escapist

    Now, if Yahtzee leaves, I'll have no reason to come here. Other than Critical Miss. OT: though this is quite a shock. The last person I thought would be leaving would have been Movie Bob... After Extra Credits, and that comic that grabbed its own site... This site seems to be going...
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    So Just How Much DLC Does Evolve Have at Launch? $100 Worth

    Yeah... nevermind that everything available is purely cosmetic and in no way, shape, or form affects the gameplay. You want to look different? Well, buy the skins. Smash bros put in different gender characters to be diverse. Yeah, but everything else can be unlocked through gameplay. You...
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    your child is transgendered

    Well... We would probably sit down, and talk about it. I would understand that they would feel wrong with the gender that they currently are, but inform them that the type of procedure to change that is mind blowingly expensive. I would let them dress and act the way that they are, but tell...
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    Would anyone prefer an Animated Zelda series over a Live-Action one?

    In an animated, or preferably an anime, production, Link not speaking would be easier. In a live action, Link not speaking would be way harder. I guess what I'm saying is: if Link speaks in either format, I'm out. I will board the nope-train to nope-ville. I would definitely prefer the...
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    Poll: Was Michael Jackson guilty?

    The first time he was accused... I would have said " I don't know for sure." The second time it happened... Well, MJ was accused twice. I happen to think that, even if he was found innocent, he really wasn't. There was a reason he was poor as hell after that second case.
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    Ruining an experience by proxy

    This is what I'm talking about. I don't watch for years and people expect me to understand/want to care about the inner working of the entire franchise. Yeah, I'll totally listen to the majority of fans when they whine and complain. I found the entire Rumble fun, entertaining, and just down...
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    Ruining an experience by proxy

    This years Royal Rumble and the WWE in general. After and during watching it, I was pumped up and happy. After wanting to talk to people about it, though... All I found was whining and crying about how their favorite super star didn't win. The same goes for Hearthstone and liking...
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    Any cheap alcoholic drinks out there that taste good?

    Try some Amaretto. It's a sweet, sugary alcohol. Tastes even better when mixed with ice and some sort of 7-up. Or you can drink it straight. Really it's up to you. I only, really, ever enjoy the sweet tasting alcohols... but for beer, I'm into the bitter ones. I don't like carbonation in my...