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    Really Badass Quotes

    From Diablo 2 Mephisto: And the Evil that was once vanquished shall rise anew. Wrapped in the guise of man, shall he walk amongst the innocent, and Terror shall consume they that dwell upon the Earth. The skies shall rain fire, and the seas will become as blood. The righteous shall fall...
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    PAX East 2012: Relaunching the MMOFPS With Planetside 2

    Dust doesn't compare. 32 players v. 32 players is a different game than Planetside's 150 players v. 150 players v. 100 players, or Planetside 2's 666 v. 666 v. 666. A group of ~30 players is a single platoon in Planetside, and it makes a highly effective Special Ops team. A while back, I...
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    PAX East 2012: Relaunching the MMOFPS With Planetside 2

    I can't wait. Planetside 1 is the only MMO that I've stuck with, and I've been playing since 2004. It's pure PvP. There are no NPC's. There are no quests. There are no mobs. There is no grinding. Everybody is on a level playing field from day 1. It's the most balanced PvP in an MMO...
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    why is Origin= Bad...Steam =Good?

    You've begun from a flawed premise. "Everyone" does not love Steam. I don't use either service, and if more digital distribution channels open that prevent you from playing your games without their server's approval, I'll avoid using those as well.
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    Is there any way to make leeches stay away?

    Topical anesthetics hit leeches hard. Their entire body is a mucus membrane, so they absorb them fast. I'd use tobacco infused vegetable oil and benzocaine spray. Mix some vegetable oil and snuff into a paste, and before you go out, cover your knee-high socks with that tobacco paste...
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    When Dragon Age II Fell Apart

    I liked that it was a gray, crapsack world with few clear moral black/white areas. The ending that I didn't like was playing as a mage, supporting and siding with the mages at every opportunity, Anders' afraid, insecure reactions and dialogue make no sense. --- A mage needs to be...
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    What was the first game you adored?

    Zelda 1 Final Fantasy 1 Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt
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    Poll: What are you typing on?

    A Ducky mechanical keyboard, DK 9008-G2 with Cherry MX Brown switches. It makes satisfying clicking sounds when I type and feels like popping bubble wrap. It has n-key rollover, so I can vigorously bludgeon it with my face and it will accurately register every keystroke. d...
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    244: The Last Masquerade

    Some guns are not really worth using most of the time, but I don't think Firearms is underpowered. You just need to use the right gun for the job, and you also need a katana to fall back on. The Deagle and S-AUG are OP with a high Ranged ability, and the Jamie Sue lets you snipe 2 bosses...
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    2012 Games That You WILL Buy

    I plan on buying Diablo III and Planetside 2. I'm seriously craving Planetside 2. Once I connected with a good Outfit of respectful, disciplined players, Planetside 1 became my favorite game of all time. There is no experience in gaming that compares with two teams of 150 players each...
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    Your favourite Daedric Artifact in Skyrim

    The Black Star played a critical role in the elevation to power of the Dovakiin. Mehrunes' Razor deserves an honorable mention as my mage's dagger of choice.
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    Most overpowered player character?

    The pilot from Wing Commander: Privateer Gemini Gold's end-game. He can drop orbital nukes across many different star systems. He has a fleet of stolen mil-spec capital ships and fighters, a stolen alien bomber with invincible shields, and a personal fighter craft with a stolen alien blaster...
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    Dungeons and Dragons Classic Anthology - where should I start?

    The statement is correct. IIRC that's the order I played them in.
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    Need some opinions to help me choose AMD or Intel

    The problems with bulldozer have not been dealt with yet. A Windows 7 patch was released recently that gives bulldozer 1% - 10% better performance, but it's not enough to compete with Intel at that price point. The Phenom II X4 960 at $120 still gets the job done, while the i5 2500k is the top...
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    Poll: what do you want done with your body after you die

    Feed it to hungry wolves. Or any other mammalian carnivore or omnivore that makes cute babies.