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    Poll: Would you own a servant (or "slave", for the dramatic)?

    Why are you putting servents and slaves in the same basket. They are 2 compleatly different things. A slave being someone who has been clamed as property who is forced to work and then should be provided with food and acomidation. A servent is a job. If you have a cleaner then I would say you...
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    Poll: Am I disgusting for not paying for the first date?

    In general the one asking to go out on a date should probally be the one who should pay. But really it all depends on the nature of the date, whether you think there will be a second, the place you are eating, the time etc etc. I dont think there is anything wrong with asking ok I got this...
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    Guardians of the Galaxy Full Length Trailer Is Hilarious and Familiar

    That was fun. And YES a good trailer. I dont feel that spoiled anything other than who they are and hell for this people need to know who these guys are and that they will be awesome. Well looks like I know what to look farward to after captain america 2...That is the problem with all these...
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    Games Workshop Stock Plummets By 24 Percent

    ?On another note I recon the big question here is how long can you sell 1 product. GW now runs with 3 games which have evolved constantly for years. I have a number of thoughts but how can games workshop revive their products. Each army is updated one at a time seemingly. Maybe they need to do...
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    Games Workshop Stock Plummets By 24 Percent

    To be honest I was wandering when Games Workshop was going to break. There are a number of things that lead to this. The cost of the models Reducing the selling of products through independent retailers The incentive of playing larger games with more models Keeping the expensive lord of the...
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    Jimquisition: Time To Get Paid

    If you own a failing restrant your bank manager would tell you the way to get out the red is to up your prices when really you need to up the food quality and maybe change a few things around. It is the same here, with games costing soo much marketers are saying go into more markets when in...
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    New Pokemon Anime Is Set In The First Generation

    Humm looks worth keeping an eye on. Got to wander if it is going in a different direction or just keep it the same with a slightly different art style and new voice actors, would not mind seeing a darker world like that of the manga but guess we will see.
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    French fries, how do you guys eat them?

    I eat my CHIPS! salted, sometimes with vinagar if i got some and maybe with ketchup or mayonnaise if i got it.
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    Poll: Do you want an apology?

    No, I want REVENGE! But no seriously. If you get an apology for something that happened years ago in school I am sure you have both moved on it means nothing. If you get an apology for something that happened recently by someone you interact with on a regular basis then unless they stop...
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    Could You Date A Transexual?

    Could I date a transexual? yeah sure the same way I could date anyone regardless of many things, but will it turn into anything, Well that is something elce, and that always runs on a case my case basic, but I think I am safe to say previous gender will not be the yay or nay factor although I...
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    Poll: Your child is born without a brain. Would you raise it regardless?

    A life is a life and even so that is not really much of a life that is just keeping meat fresh. Even if it did last more than 3 years what is it going to be? A body that just about maintains itself that needs constant care, A burden If you got the bare basics but nothing to learn and take...
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    Naughty Dog "Flat-Out Refused" to Change Last of Us Cover

    Can I suggest double sided cover?
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    Humble THQ Bundle Waves Bye-Bye to Indie - UPDATED

    I have been wanting some of these games for a while I am glad I did not get any of it in the last steam sale :)
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    Warhammer 40K's story, how is it even remotely appealing?

    The law of 40k is meh at best and pritty silly most of the time but it does what it needs to. It gives you how many is it 7-8 armies reason to fight each other with enough background that it works, I guess. It is always been tweaked and all that so what ever, Just take it as it is. Anyway I...