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    Unskippable: Jumper: Griffin's Story

    Think that was bad? The movie, and by extension, this game, make me want to remove my eyes with spoons as someone who read the book! They stomped all over the book, threw it in the mud, and then laughed, laughed like school yard bullies as the book cried and ran away. Half the crap in this they...
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    Mass Effect 2 : Favourite and most hated team members.

    Hmmm.. I don't HATE anyone actually, so I'll just discuss what I like or dislike about each character in an arbitrary order. TALI! I luffs you! And she's actually one of the few characters I could actually see being actual friends with. (The Other is Jacob) She's just an awesome and nice...
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    Poll: Mass Effect 2: Did anyone really like Zaeed Massani?

    I don't know... I guess he was alright. I picked I didn't care. On one hand, extra soldier partner with a rather arabic sounding name and a rather australian sounding accent... kinda cool. But he is basically a Garrus Clone in combat, only replacing Armor Piercing Rounds for the inferno...
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    Upcoming games

    .hack ftw!!! yay! Also, in addition to .hack awesomeness, Mass Effect 2 *drools* Guildwars 2(whenever it comes, I'll be there!) and Final Fantasy 13! Tsukasa IS GOING TO BE IN THAT GAME! MUST HAVE. MUST HAVE NAO.
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    Elder Scrolls MMO

    Wow, to go against the grain here, I'd say I would actually like it. I wonder how the TES battle system would fare in an MMO though. I do wonder how well you could fight with ranged attacks or any magic except touch spells, due to Kiting.
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    Redundant sidequests

    Beardy Baldy filled me with SO MUCH RAGE. I took out my bow and shot at him as he ran away giggling.... bastard.
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    Poll: Multiplayer + RPG: two great tastes that taste great together?

    There is a difference between Multiplayer and Massively Multiplayer. There are also plenty of RPGs where there is little to no pausing mid-combat, like the tales games, or Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles(the first one...-_-), or Infinite Undiscovery, which actually could have been even better...
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    Recommend me a F2P MMORPG

    oh I certainly hope I do. I do so love cookies. ^_^
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    Recommend me a F2P MMORPG

    definitely not /thread. He was looking for some GOOD free MMOs, not just a list of many with a vague description. Personally, i really would recommend Mabinogi, Soul of the Ultimate Nation, Sword of the New World, or guildwars if you were okay with buying the disk(one time purchase, no...
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    Recommend me a F2P MMORPG

    Dream of Mirror Online, Mabinogi, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Soul of the Ultimate Nation, Sword of the New World: Granados Espada, or Guild Wars. These are all very very good games.
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    Poll: Multiplayer + RPG: two great tastes that taste great together?

    Hello once again, my fellow escapists. I was thinking about something recently... RPGs are pretty great, but they are usually a single player experience, not that there is anything wrong with that, but do you think these storytelling epics that we call RPGs could ever expand and perhaps, some...
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    Games No one remebers but are fantastic.

    Rogue Squadron indeed for the win. Also, though on these forums it has more popularity, the general public know little of it. Final Fantasy Tactics, however it got some love from it's re-release as Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions.
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    So I heard you like Mass Effect Two...

    Nah, I seriously doubt that would be a deciding factor for anyone, not over the storyline and improved gameplay mechanics. One quick lay for man... one collective wtf moment for humanity. xD, couldn't resist... But yeah, with this much over a quarian romance, a Turian romance disturbs...
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    So I heard you like Mass Effect Two...

    Well from the suit alone, you can tell quarian bodies are shaped like human bodies. Also, you can see her eyes and nose even with the helmet. I reckon that makes her fall under the category of "Humanoid". And the TsunamiWombat with the assist! xD thank you very much thanks ^_^ Sorry...
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    So I heard you like Mass Effect Two...

    Yeah, I really have no clue how they could pull off a Garrus romance.... It makes me think of that comic with shep in bed with Liara and Wrex.... don't have it queued up though. I'm not even wild about thane really either. Do like Jacob though. So the one out of three happening to be the one my...