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    Poll: new mt dew contest

    Shut up Francis! (Don't get mad, I am just joking!)
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    Poll: 40mm: N00B T00B or Pro Pipe?

    Get with the times; it's the skilltube.
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    The Week in Review

    Silicon Knights should use some of that grant money to buy Celestial Steeds.
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    Poll: The Great Escapist Civil War

    Every time you vote for a moderator you avoid a ban.
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    Do me a quick favor - Logan Westbrook's B-day!

    I don't normally pimp threads but... Logan Westbrook (some of you know him as Nilcypher) is growing a year older and an IQ point smarter. (isn't that how it works?) Logan has been a great friend to me over nearly two years of being on The Escapist. He's taken the time out of his schedule...
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    The Week In Review

    Happy birthday Logan! Keep those news summaries coming!
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    I Hit It With My Axe: Episode Three: Down In The Hole

    Love it, keep it coming!
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    I have a friend who needs to read this thread.
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    The Escapist Presents: Pokewalking with The Escapist

    Love this man, I hope you do more of this pseudo-science stuff. How awesome would that be?
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    RAM: A Little More Carrot, A Lot Less Stick

    Against my better judgment I'll try to explain some things to you and others who might be doubting how moderation works in easy to read bullet points. 1). Moderators do not troll the forums looking for trouble, there are 15,000+ posts daily on this site, no one in their right mind is going to...
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    Boobs Sell Games, According to Activision

    I just hope your wife doesn't read the site Mr. Tito.
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    Need Help In My Attempts to Get Published

    1. Depends on the company you want to sell your book to. A small publisher might have time to read through their slush pile. Getting involved with a bigger company will require an agent. Generally you send your manuscript or a proposal. This depends on how chummy you are with the publisher --...
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    My teacher wants us to become social deviants...

    Look up while inside or point to everyone you talk to.
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    Slow loading times on the escapist

    Comic contest uploads are almost over, I suspect the lag will subside shortly.
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    Behind the Masks of Nyarlathotep: Larry DiTillio

    Thanks Allen, you've piqued my curiosity. I may just have to shell out some cash and grab this module.