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    Ghostbusters Director Calls Out "Assholes in Geek Culture"

    I'm with you on this. She is my least favorite comedian. I haven't enjoyed a single thing I've seen her in. I feel like she always tells the same joke and its not a joke I enjoyed the first time. And I'm actually less critical of the trailer than most people I've heard on here, I thought the...
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    Fans "Fix" Ghostbusters Trailer With Recut

    Well shes a teenager in highschool and its sort of about her trying to deal with her teenage pregnancy and what she should do with the child. The movie is focused on her as she is the star but you do see the father's reactions and struggles as well. You can call it a chick flick I suppose, but...
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    Fans "Fix" Ghostbusters Trailer With Recut

    Off Topic: I don't think Juno was super sexualized in Juno. I mean she was pregnant so maybe you could argue she was sexualized because the plot revolved her having sex and there was a scene where a man came onto her, but it was written to make you feel uncomfortable, not turned on. Very...
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    New Jurassic World Trailer Breaks Out The Big Dinos

    Is that a raptor killing a human at around the 2 minute mark? Might be Chris Pratt and the merry band of raptors finishes up kind of quick and they go back to what we think of when we think of raptors.
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    Interesting Game Concepts That Amazingly Haven't Been Copied Yet

    I would personally love a mix of Planetside 2 with borderlands. Huge weapon variety, raids, and some PvE thrown in with PS2's huge openworld PvP Sanctum is an FPS tower defense game. With the exception of Sanctum 2 I haven't seen much like it.
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    Poll: Big Hero 6 sequel: Do we need/want one?

    I loved Big Hero 6, but I am totally satisfied with its ending (its open ended, but not a cliffhanger). I wouldn't want to see them just saving people all the time without some kind of drama, and I'm terrified that they would regress the characters like a lot of sequels do and find a way to...
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    Majora's Mask 3DS, More Hyrule Warriors Characters Arriving Feb.

    I'd bet on it being his strong attack, kind of like Zelda's light orbs.
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    Console exclusives that would have been great on PC

    I second Dragon's Dogma. That game just seemed so much like a PC game. I can't imagine how awesome that would be with mod support. A highly modable Dragon's Dogma would have been one of my favorite computer games of all time.
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    Four Ways The Legend of Korra Respected Its Younger Viewers

    While I understand the difference between villainy and antagonism, I believe that trying to kill someone who as I understand it is the literal incarnation of peace and goodness (although I admit I have mostly a second hand knowledge of avatar lore from my girlfriend and occasionally looking at...
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    Four Ways The Legend of Korra Respected Its Younger Viewers

    Okay, so I haven't gotten around to Korra yet, but I just watched the original series a few months ago for the first time, and this article states that The Last Airbender didn't have a sympathetic villain and everyone seems to be agreeing with this notion and just debating whether or not Korra's...
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    The Big Picture: Mr. Mario Goes To Hollywood

    That'd be awesome to do Kirby as a horror comedy. I think it starts off as an animated film for the first few minutes and then DDD hits Kirby with a hammer sending him flying off into space. The film then switches to live action (with kirby always being animated in cgi) and it plays out as a...
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    3/5 DONT BUY EVER SUCKS: Why do we consider these ratings shite

    My University (in the USA) doesn't give credit for a course with a score under 73%. In high school, the cutoff was 70%. Some professors have a view similar to yours and they take the tests out of a lower score (My chem professor had tests with 130 points possible and took scores out of 100, so...
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    Talking as a free action in table-top rules

    I'm always opposed to these kinds of rules on the basis of fun. Sure those two hour tactics discussions drag, but my GM cursed me and another character with silence once and didn't let us talk in or out of character for the next 2 or 3 adventures (~6 hours of play time). The person next to me...
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    All-Female Ghostbusters Reboot Officially Happening

    After reading your post, I'm pretty sure you are me. OT: Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Sarah Silverman for sure for me. The final person is a toss up for me. Mindy Kaling maybe? Tina Fey and Silverman need to be in it though, they'd be perfect for it I think, especially if they get any influence...
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    The Ice Climbers Were Cut From Smash Bros. Due to 3DS Hardware Limitations

    Sakurai mentioned that the team couldn't get them working a few times over the course of development, so it wasn't a huge shocker for me when they weren't in. I also wonder if the 0-death chain grabs played a role. But as others have said, they could slow down games before and with them trying...