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    Poll: What if PS4/Xbox 720 banned used games but had an exclusive on your favorite franchise?

    since i would buy a ps4/nextbox even if the banned used games (and actually hope they do), this question is kind of moot. i play most my games on PC, and there haven't been used PC games in quite a while. it's easily the most logical step for sony and MS to take.
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    Poll: Immortality, with a catch

    i'd say no, but in reality, given the opportunity, i doubt there are many people who would turn it down. we are hardwired to be afraid of and avoid death at all costs. the way you phrase it though, as in "murder" instead of simply "kill", makes it far more interesting. that would mean it has to...
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    If you had to pick 3 game characters for an all coming zombie apolcalypse

    Baby Mario (Yoshi's Island) Jason (little kid from Heavy Rain) A lemming (from Lemmings) /thread
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    Poll: Why do you (not) eat meat?

    i'm sorry, i don't find anything unethical about eating meat of any kind, except for other humans. if eating cats was legal, i'm sure i'd eat them too. i just don't see anything wrong with it. plus it's totally natural in my book, as natural as breathing. i have no beef with vegetarians (see wut...
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    Poll: Has a sequel ever gotten you into the rest of the franchise?

    since i've been playing all my games "new" since super mario brothers.... not really, no. every enjoyable franchise i can think of i either played the first one when it came out, or played a sequel but never bothered with previous games. i guess when you're older and have been gaming since you...
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    Poll: It is Time to Fix Game Prices

    you seem to have totally forgot to adjust for inflation. inflation ALONE puts games in the $80-100 range, compared to the NES and SNES days. i'm just happy they've only gone up an average of $10, rather than $30-50.
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    Top 5 Fighting Game Characters?

    can't possibly do top 5 (big fighting game fan), so i'll do a top ten 1. Ken (Street Fighter Alpha 3) 2. Ayane (Dead or Alive) 3. Morrigan and/or 4. Lilith (Darkstalkers 3) 5. Sakura (Street Fighter Alpha 3) 6. Scorpion and / or 7. Sub-zero (Mortal Kombat 2) 8. Athena / Yuri / Mai...
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    If Final Fantasy Seven WERE to get remade...

    1) obviously, updated graphics. they dont have to be top-tier awesomeness, but at least make them as good as an "average" looking current game 2) updated dialog (though NOT VOICED) 3) in-game extras like more bosses, side quests, mini-games, etc. (while keeping the previous ones intact)...
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    What is your favorite foreign (non-US) film?

    battle royal let the right one in downfall shawn of the dead evangelion rebuild series
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    Say something nice about the Star Wars Prequel. If you can.

    i thought yoda's fight with darth sidious was pretty damn cool. also loved episode 1: podracer on N64. darth maul was cool, as was that alien with 4 lightsabers.... dookoo?
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    What was the first video game you EVER played

    super mario brothers on NES. i was probably 5
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    Namco's 'subtle' use of the female form for Soul Caliber V poster

    i was gonna get the game anyway. soul calibur is one of the better fighting game franchises. never really cared for ivy, though. i wish they would make this the official box art though. it would be hilarious to have box art that looks like a hentai game actually be a fighting game. though they...
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    Discounted pre-orders for Twisted Metal, Final Fantasy XIII-2, SSX

    no, i dont work for, nor any other retailer or website, just thought my fellow escapists might want to know about these discounts, if they're getting any of these games. if this isn't allowed on the forum i apologize, just delete the post. OT: the three games mentioned below are...
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    Poll: Worst game-lengthening scheme.

    i was gonna tick "tiresome backtracking", then i remembered... metroid, castlevania... i actually enjoy backtracking in these types of games, since you normally go through what was once a really tough area with your new power-ups, and feel like a total badass. so yeah, it's a tie between...
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    Lawyer Destroys Arguments for Game Piracy

    umm. we believe that because it DOES happen. here's a freakin list. minecraft civ 5 portal portal 2 oblivion fallout 3 fallout new vegas cave story terraria and many many more. you see, not everyone has the income to throw down $60 on a game that you have NO WAY of recouping your...