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    World of Warcraft 7.2 Patch Coming Next Week with Tomb of Sargeras

    That is Atiesh, and that's Kadgar, Medivh's old apprentice. He's not a Guardian though, there are no more Guardians. Check out his "Harbingers" cinematic for a little backstory on that:
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    Heroes of The Storm is Getting a New "Probe" Hero, Big Cho'Gall Changes

    Everyone can't be super famous, would kinda restrict the creative process I think. Having Mr Hoot Hoot would've been cool, but it wouldn't make much sense to have him squishy and restore mana in the pylon field, at least coming from playing him in actual missions in Starcraft 2. I like the...
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    Nintendo Shares Digital File Sizes For Some Switch Titles

    Supporting micro SDXC means the Switch can support up to 2TB on the microSD card slot, so I don't see it as that big of a deal. I think 512GB is the largest out so far? The prices do need to come down though on micro SDXC in that range though :(
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    Star Wars: The Last Jedi is the Official Title of Episode VIII

    I think everyone is also missing the bigger picture here, and that is the traditional yellow stencil outline is dark side red. It could be an allusion to Kylo in some shape or form along with the title.
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    Zelda: Breath of the Wild Will Launch With the Switch, Master Edition Announced Nintendo put up the English trailer on their youtube. I'm so glad I saw the subbed version. Just from the few lines from Zelda (and the crying) it feels like the English VA was phoning it in... not to mention the other voices being just as bad, like it was a bad...
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    139: Auspicious

    I can't help but to hear her voice as Starfire from Teen Titans.
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    Heroes of The Storm is Getting a StarCraft-Themed Mini-Expansion

    It was a John de Lancie joke since he voices Alarak and played Q in Star Trek. WOOSH, there goes the joke XD
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    Heroes of The Storm is Getting a StarCraft-Themed Mini-Expansion

    Alarak? Q me up! Also, they announced the release dates here:
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    #132: Role Reversal Close enough, +1 RvB at least.
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    Blizzard Has Announced the Newest Overwatch Hero: Ana

    She still aims out of her left eye. Watch the gameplay trailer again.
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    Medivh and Chromie to Join Heroes of The Storm

    I like the fact that the two aren't roled how I thought they were going to be. Would've thought Chrome as a support, not a siege assassin. And I though Medivh as a mage assassin, not as a Specialist. Both kits seem unique (outside of skillshot Q, lol) and look to be fun to play with. As for...
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    Nintendo's SNES Classics Coming to New 3DS

    Think of it in terms of drivers for Windows. A driver for Windows XP will not work for Windows 10. The technical coding language on how to access resources, determine AI, calculate damage, etc etc, have drastically changed over the years. We're also talking about emulation, not remaking. I'm...
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    Trademarks and Logos Pop Up for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon

    Um, it's the 27th. Gave up my hopes thinking it was actually tomorrow :( Edit: Disregard. Was getting info from the AUS Nintendo link provided. Shenanigans.
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    Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Gets New Sand-tastic Story Trailer

    Game has been in dev since 2010 as Hardware: Shipbreakers. First mention of the game was in 2013, then switched over to Homeworld: Shipbreakers in 2014 when Gearbox bought the Homeworld licence. Then it became Homeworld: Deserks of Kharak in December 2015 with the release date. Better than...
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    Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Gets New Sand-tastic Story Trailer

    Kharak was a barren, desert planet. There's only so much a planet like that can give for a (relatively) small amount of the Hiigaran civilization over the centuries, not to mention there were only a few spots on the planet that could support life. I could see the Heresy Wars spawned a bit...