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    Dark Souls isn't an RPG

    Dark Souls is basically THE definition of an Action-RPG.
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    Ex-Valve Engineer's VR Glasses: We Can Outperform Oculus

    I don't think these VR headsets are going to really compete with each other. The Occulus seems much better suited to immersive video gaming and a few other interesting projects. This headset, like they're saying, is like a holodeck. It'll be great for how you can interact with environments and I...
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    Thechineseroom: The Goal Is To Get Pigs Under Your Skin

    Yeah, well, Amnesia was no Penumbra, so it sucked! Maybe they did clinical trials with forced play time
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    Escapist News Now: NYCC 2013 - Insane Cosplay!

    I recognized the girl at 1:45 from here She's a really talented costume and make up artist
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    Remember Me Review - Sadly Forgettable

    I find it slightly irksome that Batman: AA gets the credit for smooth flowing combat. My first memory of that sort of super smooth, context sensitive type combat was back in 2004, PoP: Warrior Within. Not sure about Sands of Time in 03, as I didn't play that. There's probably other contenders...
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    Microsoft Claims "Cloud" Will Quadruple Power of Xbox One

    Dumbest claim I've ever heard. WTF. Because my 2MB/s download rate is so superior to the 2GB/s available over the internal bus. DDR3 can move 15GB/s (XBone), GDDR5 can move 48GB/s (PS4)... a HDD can move a 100MB/s or so, depending on many factors. SSDs can be over 500MB/s. So... how the hell...
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    Your backlog and the Next Gen?

    Well, I probably won't get a new console, at least not for a while. But I still have to finish Tomb Raider and Dishonored, plus I've been meaning to replay the Witcher 2 (and 1, maybe). Oh yeah and I didn't beat Dark Souls yet. Or Uncharted 3. Fack. I've also been really keen to pick up Ico...
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    EA Exec: Xbox One and PS4 Are "A Generation Ahead" Of PC

    Well, I think we all know he's lying about the hardware being better than high end PCs. I'd be willing to put money down that my 3 year old desktop is at least as fast with an i5 750 quad core at 4.2ghz and a pair of 5850s. That said, I think he does have a point in the software department...
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    I was so excited for Grid 2... not anymore. Random tracks. What. The. Fuck! "Live Routes" they call it. In the middle of a race, each lap the track can change. Or not. If this was NFS: Underground/Most Wanted/Carbon/Hot Pursuit etc, I could understand that. But this is...
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    FC3 Blood Dragon 1st Impressions?

    I like it, but for two things. I don't like that Steam launches Uplay which launches the game. That's messed. Secondly, while I get it, the AI is really terrible and I suck at sneaking so it just turns into a shooty fest, and unfortunately the basic starting guns aren't too exciting. Still...
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    PC help

    My 2 cents... don't get a 3770. An i5 3570K is going to kick ass and save $100. If you really want an i7, get the 3770K. Don't buy from BestBuy. Check out newegg, ncix, fry's, microcenter, etc. Actual PC stores. If you aren't getting a graphics card (you don't list one), then you...
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    Every Game Ever

    Dead Space 3 was ok, but since you know the plot you can just skip to the next [game].
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    Your first PC Gaming Rig

    The first gaming PC I bought myself was around $800-900 and had a 2.4ghz Intel C2D and an Nvidia 8600GT. Played a lot of WoW on that. My current gaming rig I've got up to roughly $3200 spent. Looking at the prices, it's amazing how much they've dropped now for basically everything. Like, I...
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    Just for fun: The latest $500 gaming PC

    Yeah, no problem. Just keep in mind that the site will sometimes miss items, like for some reason Corsair PSUs don't come up from a certain retailer who definitely has them.
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    Just for fun: The latest $500 gaming PC

    I made two low budget PC builds just for fun, for anyone interested. These will definitely play games at pretty decent mid to high settings, depending on the game (for example, Dead Space 3 at max but Battlefield 3 at medium). (Note: to see in your own country, click the link and select your...