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    Zero Punctuation: Injustice: Gods Among Us

    Because everyone knows seals in Australia go Wonk!
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    The Old Republic Will Be the Last Subscription MMO

    Yes... and I'll believe this when EA isn't asking for $10 for Online passes, When Capcom isn't asking for $5 for character pallete swaps, and when pigs fly from my bunghole. :/
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    8th grade Girls Attack/Strip 11-Year-Old Boy

    Sure there may be no legal charges. But Anonymous operates outside the law, sir...there will be repercussions. :D
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    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood: Story change point?

    Alright, there are some minor differences between The first FMA and Brotherhood during the first few episodes, but the real pivoting point where they seperate is the encounter with Greed at the bar. That's where the two definitively split paths and go separate ways.
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    Hideo Kojima Tells Square-Enix to Remake FF7

    Wait, why?...I mean, it has to cost less to remake a game than to make an entirely new one, so therefore, they would actually have more to gain from remaking it than not, wouldn't they?
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    is One Piece worth my time?

    While Black Lagoon is good, this guy doesn't know what he's talking about. >_> There's a reason One Piece is still one of the Big 3 of Shounen Jump. And as far as the Dub is concerned, watch the Funimation Dub. (Which you can find free on their One Piece Website), as the 4kids Dub was...
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    Game Boy Grave Robber Goes to Jail

    It wasn't even a DS, it was a GAMEBOY. ...What, could he not just find some cheap one on Ebay? Sheesh. O-o
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    Nintendo Boss Breaks Silence Over NGP have to have some balls to not only be concerned but offer advice to a competitor about how they can make their product better. O-o Well Played sir.
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    Cheat codes you will always remember.

    Nah, not really that crazy.
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    Poll: So, Catherine is officially coming to the west..soo..*puts on Top hat*

    It's time for everyone's favorite game show: HOW WILL FOX NEWS REACT?! :D The show where you, viewing audience, guess how Fox News will react to a game! As we all know, Catherine is a game from the Same team who did Persona 3 and Persona 4, and deals with Sex and Sexuality. So, how...
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    Ok, not sure how to get in touch with the top brass around here, but...

    So, I've been linking the Escapist to another website, and for some reason, twice, someone has clicked on the link, came here, and gotten a malware attack. :/ I thought I would let you guys know.
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    First Thundercats Trailer Breaks Out the Lizards and Sword Fights

    *Bops on the head* What he MEANT was that there has been no public showing of any Promotional art featuring Wily Kit and Kat's new Designs, and the Trailer is the first public place you can see their new designs.
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    First Thundercats Trailer Breaks Out the Lizards and Sword Fights

    Don't worry..promotional art has been seen of him, so he's definitely in the show.
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    Bulletstorm Dev Honors Yahtzee With Priceless Gift

    But does it shoot shurikens and lightning? I mean hello, if it doesn't do that, then it's really a step back, isn't it?
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    Pokemon is it strange that I'm still playing?

    LIES. LIES AND SLANDER! BUT MOSTLY LIES! I'm 20, and I plan to play Pokemon until it drops dead, damn it.