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    Peter Moore: I Didn't Kill the Dreamcast

    If you can find 8 AA batteries to power the brick. Still was fun.
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    Where do YOU sell your stuff in Skyrim?

    Oh, wow. I almost pity you guys. After the first few hours I've never run out of gold. I can afford to literally buy an entire town out of ingredients, ingots, health potions, lock picks, and any other consumable I can use to train a skill or is just generally useful every time I visit...
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    Only consider the Vancouver area unless you're fond of snow.
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    What have you done to your body?

    I have an implanted RFID chip in my right hand. I now do things like log into my PCs and start up my motorcycle like a Jedi.
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    Poll: GOG's D&D sale. Which game is best?

    The obvious ones like BG, IWD, PS:T. But I found Temple of Elemental Evil surprisingly amazing. Much more modern and easier to get in to for newer gamers not used to older styled games.
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    Poll: What's your favorite Cookie?

    Whipped shortbread cookies. Markedly different from regular shortbread cookies which rank quite lowly with me.
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    How is 9/11 viewed internationally?

    Canadian here. I remember most of the day it happened. At the time I thought "It's about time someone stuck it to them". I remember at the time I was still infuriated over the soft wood lumber fiasco. 10 years later I think I still feel the same way. The entire world has been putting up with...
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    So I just got behind the wheel for the first time...

    First time riding I stalled my bike quite a bit. A year later I learned my clutch was WAAAYYYY out of adjustment and a quickly fixed it. Though this lead to a few early stalls as instead of the friction point beinng almost entirely pulled in, it was a couple cms from fully let out. Quite the...
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    Mayor Flattens Illegal Parking With A Tank

    Motorcyclists have a lot of problems with cars also. I approve of more armoured vehicles on the roadway in the name of improved driver awareness.
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    Poll: No-kids-allowed movement. Yay or nay?

    I have the solution to all your problems: Now proceed with telling me what a horrible person I am. If I have kids, and dispite my best efforts parenting, they will not behave, I fully intent to leash/gag them.
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    Games with IEDs

    Battlefield series. The Kamikaze Kubelwagon will always have a place in my heart.
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    What would you do with a key that opens everything?

    As someone who has been trained in lockpicking, I can already gain access to most places unlawfully. You'd be surprised how many people think all locks are the same and just pick up whatever from the local dollar store or hardware store... So essentially, nothing. I suppose it would reduce...
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    Best time if your in highschool?

    Out of the house at 16 guy here. Joined the Armed Forces to help pay the bills and for the benefits. Struggled to finish school and keep a roof over my head. No phone or internet for a couple years. Had a food budget of roughly 1.50 a day, so lots of bread and water. After my stint in the...
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    Best time if your in highschool?

    You'll understand when you're out living on your own and working 5 days a week just to pay the bills. Get home after a long day and you've only got a few hours to enjoy before it's off to bed so you can competently preform your job the next day so you don't get fired and end up on the street...
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    Anonymous Strikes Back, Hacks "Internet Security" Firm

    So people don't like that anon posted some guy's personal information online. I completely understand that is a very big deal, but do realize this person MADE A VERY GOOD LIVING doing just that to millions of other people. He got what he dealt. I would not hesitate to say most of us will...