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    Most obvious plot hole.

    Morality does not have a definition. It is entirely subjective and dependent on ones views on the world. Stop thinking "My morals = THE morals".
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    Play Mirror's Edge? It was fantastic in that game. Would love to see a Mirror's Edge: Deathmatch game though so I'm looking forward to this.
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    $100 Gift Card

    A Song of Ice and Fire. Great fantasy series, it has swords and knights and all that awesome stuff nerd love.
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    if you could name a planet

    The World of Intelligent Discussion! Of course it would be populated by cows.
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    Yahtzee & the Prince of Persia movie

    Dude, lighten up! The whole point of the thread was to gauge peoples thoughts. I didn't see a single word about how his opinion would effect the movie either.
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    New races in Cataclysm disappoint me

    They shouldn't be carbon copies of each other, that defeats the purpose of choosing sides.
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    Songs That Deserve Recognition

    I never hear anyone ever talk about Modest Mouse, but they are by far my favorite band.
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    New Space Hulk-first impressions?

    I think Space Hulk is a pretty cool guy, eh kill's aliens and doesnt afraid of anything.
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    And now its in my head.

    I wish it was that simple, you can just never forget it. Besides, the rules are you cant quit.
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    And now its in my head.

    Uncool! I wish more than anything to quit the game.
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    Favorite Death Scene

    You know it helps if I know whats in your spoiler. In case you didn't know "spoiler=Half-life Spoiler" would turn into: Obviously brackets instead of quotes.
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    Guns at Townhall Meetings

    What? I said the opposite of that!
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    Guns at Townhall Meetings

    It's America, we can. Just because you have a gun does not mean you are going to shoot someone.
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    Modern Warfare 2 Zombies

    Well, if it doesnt HAVE to be Call of Duty I suggest It is set in WWII, but you can paradrop behind enemy lines and do what you explained, it's pretty cool.
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    Poll:Immortality or Invincibility

    Immortal!! Holy hell, dead even at 85 each.