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    Escape to the Movies: The Amazing Spider-Man

    Just got back from seeing it and, personally, I didn't think it was that bad. If you like it, you like it, if you don't, you don't I guess.
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    Trailers: Resident Evil 6 - Official Trailer

    I'm one of the few people (apparently) who thought that RE5 was actually enjoyable, but this actually looks pretty good. Anticipation is growing.
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    A Very, very scary Skyrim bug that is happening to me.

    He is playing the ultimate game. He will continue to follow and watch you for all eternity until your mind finally breaks from the psychological torture he is putting you through. Then, and only then, will he finally kill you. Or maybe Skyrim just has a few too many bugs at the moment and...
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    Official Zelda timeline?

    Ok, a couple months ago a friend and I were arguing over the Zelda timeline, but neither of us would have expected this answer.
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    Things in games (all popular media really) that you just HATE!

    "The award for RPG of the year goes to Zelda!" As a massive RPG fan, this one just really annoys me. Boss attacks that drain your health and restore theirs.
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    Sith Lord Attacks Customers in Toys "R" Us

    He was only the apprentice, the master lies in wait!
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    Poll: High School was...

    Meh, it was average, maybe a little more on the good side. The first two years were terrible, junior year was great, and senior year was ok except for dealing with my pain in the ass ex.
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    Lets talk about games and the lack of good stories

    I feel like it's hard to comment on stories in games. One reason is that I'm one of the few people (apparently) who criticised Mass Effect's story. I guess there are ways people prefer to learn more of a gamews story. I don't know why, but the Myst games come to mind when I think about games...
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    The New Shiny Escapist

    Ok, I've been gone for three months and the layout is different when I come back. Oh well, looks like other people are already annoyed, so I'll just try to get used to it.
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    Would you live in the past?

    I doubt I would want to live in the past. Maybe take a visit to the 80s or something, but I wouldn't stay.
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    The longest you've slept, the longest you've been awake.

    Longest I've been awake: 30 something hours Longest I've slept: 14 hours. Fun times
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    Who is your favorite YouTube gamer?

    ScottishDuck17, Marauderex, and ArtificialRaven are all people whose game videos I love to watch.
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    Poll: Is It Weird When Men Love Cats?

    I certainly hope not. I love cats, and in my experience, they don't tend to make as much of a mess as dogs do.
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    What's Your Gaming First Love?

    Jet Set Radio Future on the Xbox. Never did I think a bizarre, cel-shaded, skating game would be so amazing.