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    Deus Ex Mankind Divided Pre-Order System Canceled Following Negative Response

    See how easy that was? Cut the crap, Gaming Industry.
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    The Last Of Us Faces Another Rip-Off Accusation - UPDATED

    From a completely unbiased standpoint.... I can honestly say that I never even heard of "Beyond Two Souls" until I read this article. I remember seeing pictures of Ellen Page with all the digital tech on her face, assuming she would be put in either a game or animated flick.. but I never...
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    John Carpenter Would Love To Make Dead Space

    It's not film-length.... But "Cigarette Burns" from Masters of Horror was pretty awesome... and easily one of the best episodes of that series.. "Pro-Life" was decent if only because Ron Perlman is awesome. Other than that..... I'd say In Mouth of Madness was his last good flick, though I...
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    Obsidian Would Love to Pitch a New Star Wars Game To Disney

    Has anyone played KOTOR 2 with the restored content Mod? Is it worth checking out? Or does it feel tacked on? I love KOTOR 2 and would like to check it out if it really makes a difference.
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    How Many of Your Favourite Films Pass "the Bechdel Test"?

    John Carpenter's The Thing...... NO... .... and that's why it's the greatest film ever made.
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    EA Aims to "Broaden" Dead Space Audience

    It will be even more hilarious when they make it Origin exclusive.....
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    Can we play games wrong?

    Yes... First time I played Mass Effect... I did Noveria & Feros long before I picked up Liara.... PLAYED. IT. WRONG.
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    In Defense of Hepler Mode

    The limited edition of Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence included an entire "Hepler disc"... you could just sit there and watch the story and skip all the gameplay... and it was longer than most modern films.
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    Sliding Game Sales Hammer Best Buy

    In other news.... Fry's Electronics is still fucking awesome.
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    So MovieBob had some crap to say about that there Mass Effect 3 thingy...

    Even though I'm in the "disappointed by the ending" camp... I don't think they should change their ending... it's theirs and they have every right to it.... but they should expand upon it.. explain it, and have it make a bit more sense. I was proud to see BioWare end their franchise in a manner...
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    Poll: Will you stop buying Bioware?

    Your poll is inaccurate.... make it more clear next time. Yes, I will continue to buy Bioware.
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    So MovieBob had some crap to say about that there Mass Effect 3 thingy...

    And the best part is that in the end.... I'll bet 90% of people who say that, probably end up buying the game anyway.
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    So MovieBob had some crap to say about that there Mass Effect 3 thingy...

    I like when people are so sure of this. They forget that 99% of ME3 was actually a very good game... despite the ending. I don't voice my opinion on the ending as much as everyone else...because quite frankly... I think everyone else says enough about it, so I don't really need to. I can...
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    BioWare Co-Founder Promises Closure For Mass Effect 3

    I'm utterly ashamed to be a person that was genuinely disappointed by the ending. I don't want to be part of this BioWare "fan" crowd that spits the same annoying venom at them day in and day out. I'm already sick of hearing everyone constantly whine about ME3's ending to the point that I'm...
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    Poll: Are you finished with Bioware now?

    Your Title and Poll were misleading.... I clicked "No"... because of your thread title, since I am no where NEAR done with Bioware... but I was drunk and your dumb "Poll" question lead to the opposite... Your poll results are flawed. ME3's ending was.... incomplete. Bioware isn't doomed...