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    Trauma, Healing and Gaming Part 2: Triggers and Trigger Warnings

    The problem I've had with trigger warnings is that a trigger is personal, and specific to each trauma case. and usually people try to use the trigger warnings as a catch all, or a "look how sensitive to people's emotions we are" type statement, while not giving a shit about the people who suffer...
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    Foods you enjoy, but can no longer eat.

    I can't eat fast food anymore, i used to enjoy a burger every once in a while from places down on the main strip, now if it's ready in under ten minutes it gives me stomach cramps or even dizziness.
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    Does CSI: Cyber go full circle from being so bad it's good?

    i saw a trailer for this last night, it involved a hacker hacking computers to set them on fire, which was described by the characters as sending fire through the internet. I'm getting a headache from thinking about this show, it's that bad. I suppose this is typical for media. Let's make...
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    Describe a work of fiction in 10 words or less

    amoral corporate dickheads are the only hope for humanity. Wait, is this the dream? or is it that? random prisoner is the only one who can save us. you will die, seriously. like, a lot.
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    Got Malware? New Threat Can't Be Removed Without Breaking Hard Drive

    and their high value targets are not in north america/europe so we have less to worry about from them, plus the aforementioned kill switch in their software which disables and destroys all traces of the malware.
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    Cyanide and Happiness Random Comic Generator!

    i got this this this gem and this
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    Is Trashtalk An Essential Part Of Online Games?

    trash talk has always seemed to permeate most competitive forms of leisure, from football to videogames, it's not integral to actual play, but it's part of the psychological wind up. Online trash talk, fueled by the dehumanizing and detached nature of playing over the computer and the anonymity...
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    Would you watch a law series that focused on Matthew Murdock and Jennifer Walters set in the MCU?

    Superhero Law and Order, where the first half of the episode in question revolves around the main characters going out to stop the bad guys, and then the second half involves prosecuting them in court, could make for some cool TV. maybe open with a bunch of Former S.H.E.I.L.D. agents getting...
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    What is the hardest degree to get?

    Architecture is the hardest out of all engineering related degrees, you have to be equal parts mathematician, physicist, artist, engineer and businessman, it's a lot of hats to wear, and a lot of study for a career that you'll probably never get to retire from.
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    Raphael and Donatello Revealed in New TMNT Trailer

    was no one alse put off by William Fichtner's totally phoned in performance/exposition dump to april, he's supposed to be playing shredder but his performance barely leaves baseline monotone. Yeah, the designs suck, that's not a deal breaker for me though, but when your MAIN Antagonist can't be...
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    8 Great Lone Stranger Westerns

    i'd say once upon a time in america is one of the finest westerns ever filmed, and it stars Charles Bronson in the lead role
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    Car Accident Takes the Life of Actor Paul Walker

    this makes me think of James Dean, who also died in a Porsche, both actors were known for taking on bad boy roles in their films and both were cut down in their prime. sadly
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    Sony America Boss Says Gaming Is Like Wine - The Good Stuff Costs More

    not all that true, i've had cheap wine that's tasted better than the expensive stuff, just like i've played inexpensive games that have been fantastic. better does not always = more expensive
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    Poll: For four grand, would you flash a non-sexy body part?

    yes, yes i would, if someone wants to see my knee or whatever is the least sexy bit on me fo 4 grand i wouldn't hesitate. i would try and get the payment as high as i could though
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    Scenes as a child that you found horrifying in non-horror movies.

    all the ring wraith and ghost scenes from the lord of the rings trilogy, especially when the wraiths were on those big flying monsters, the screech of those things used to send me running from the room in terror.