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    Best single mission in a game

    The first Russian level from the original Call of Duty stands out. They crafted the atmosphere perfectly, charging up the banks of the Volga without a gun is something I still haven't forgotten.
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    Prometheus alternate beginning/ending

    So, to anyone who's seen them, what did you make of the alternate beginning/ending of prometheus? I ask because I haven't seen it at all yet, so I don't know whether I should see the cut version or the alternate version first.
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    Need some help remembering an old PC game!

    It was less of a faction based RTS, and more focused on the individuals you controlled, for example, I seem to remember each character you controlled having a name, and a series of bars marking the skills each person possessed. I've a feeling the campaign missions I played in the demo involved...
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    Need some help remembering an old PC game!

    Hey there, I just had a flashback of playing a demo for a PC game when I was much younger, and I'd love to remember which it was. It was an RTS kind of game, probably most similar to The Settlers, I'd say, although you had to train each of your citizens to performs various roles. I'm pretty...
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    Miracle of Sound: You Died (Dark Souls)

    That video in the intro sequence really reminded me of this cover...
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    Criminals and Vampires Coming to Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

    Quality necromancy sir, +10 points to you.
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    Poll: Speculation - Morrowind Remake

    I'd buy 5 copies and play 1 whilst making love to the other 4. Damn right I would.
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    Any "Black Metal" fans out there?

    Saw Immortal this summer actually, pretty good live. I'd recommend Enslaved personally. Proggy black metal, this is from the last album.
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    Recommend me some good metal of the death variety.

    It's all about Bloodbath, srsly. Opeth are prog death, not quite the same, especially recently.
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    EA Slings More Mud at Activision

    Anyone else not taking the moral high ground, and thinking this is fucking fantastic? BF3 is going to kick the shit out of MW3, and EA know it. It's good that they're getting to Activision, maybe they'll put some effort into their games now.
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    Report: Internet Explorer 9 Doesn't Suck

    If you don't click on dodgy shit, and you have a decent antivirus, it doesn't particularly matter. I'll stick with the others for their speed.
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    You have to get a game related tatoo...

    I'm also considering that, not sure where, could incorporate it into a sleeve I suppose. Only other gaming thing I'd consider would be a really detailed pokemon. Those things were SUCH a big part of my childhood.
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    Impossible Captcha?

    You just leave the impossible bits blank usually, I believe.
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    suggest me a random song.Dont ask what I like

    Alright, since you clearly have enormous amounts of love for every genre. <youtube=agnGv_2gmSQ> J/k, listen to this. <youtube=5FVK1fCsEmE>
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    I just met Lady GaGa

    Met every member of Opeth, which was extremely pleasing for me. Nobody massively famous though.