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    A Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

    Done and Done
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    Zero Punctuation: Two Worlds II

    I don't know, the magic system was pretty good once you got into it. Any game that lets me fire a fireball that explodes and summons 6 stone golems on contact is okay in my book. :P
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    "Videogames Cause Rape" Author Gets Amazonbombed Hmmmmm.... (Crediting Kooberz at Kotaku for finding this)
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    Trailers: Dragon Age II Champion Trailer

    Cone. Of. Cold :P
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    Fat Man Needs Costume Ideas

    Wario! As only big guys can pull him off right.
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    WTF moments in Fallout 3

    Lugnut. Just.... Lugnut. "I'm only gonna ask you this one time. Give me the Naughty Nightwear!"
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    Hype really, really sucks.

    I had thought Halo wars was going to be much better than it was. Seems way too rushed now.
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    What does our generation fear?

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    Oblivion Damage Immunity

    Huh, then why can't I enchant invisiblilty items before learning an invisiblilty spell first? Bleh, I never was much of a spellslinger.
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    Oblivion Damage Immunity

    Its only possible if your born under The Sign of The Tower, because you can only make custom spells of those types you already know.
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    Oblivion Damage Immunity

    Only shields and rings, i think. You'd have to make one yourself