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    Why the Game's Title Should Have Been Dragon Age: Impositions

    That is normal. Most people agreeing blindly with this article did want to "hate" DA:I for some reason and are just thankfull someone gives a reason. Unfortunatly, Shamus has a history with the last bioware games (ME and Dragon Age) and EA and rarely has to say something positive when talking...
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    Trailers: Firefall - Live Action Trailer

    Even as a Firefall player I have not the slightest idea what the actual F... that trailer meant. The only thing ingame are the pictured classes, the enemy and the thumping.
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    Gamers Ship 400 Cupcakes to BioWare in Protest of Mass Effect 3

    You are allowed to donate to whatever cause you like. OT of the ME3 endings in general: I read a lot and I can remember many a book which had an ending that did not please me for whatever reason. Did I went to a forum to search for likeminded people to throw up a hissy fit because of it? No...
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    Gamers Ship 400 Cupcakes to BioWare in Protest of Mass Effect 3

    This is getting ridiculous. Those 1000 $ would be better spend on charity instead of entitled whining about the ending of a friggin GAME! Get a grip, really!
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    I liked the ending to Mass Effect 3

    I liked the ending, too. I really liked the three games. I find it especially funny how many people get worked up about it. AND i ike MovieBobs opinion about these people. Like. :)
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    The Big Picture: Untransformed

    If the Transformers movies are involved, he does it every time. Every one who watches the movies should not operate heavy machinery bla bla bla blaergh... it's his Shtick (or whatever you want to call it). He gets grumpy and all worked up about the fact - That he can argument or tell intelligent...
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    Trailers: Call of Duty: Black Ops - Rezurrection Pack Trailer

    Really now? Zombies? What about... The dudes arrive on the moon, only to see there was a ctulhu outbreak! Out of the ctulhu research lab! Rad!
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    So , i'm going to try to quit smoking today , any advice?

    Have a good motivation. I quit it after smoking 6-7 years (i'm now 33). I did it for my girlfriend (who is still with me). That happened nearly 3 years ago and i managed to quit from one day to the other. Sooo... Motivation and willpower.
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    Escape to the Movies: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

    Thing is: Nothing will change. Bob isn't interested in reading this thread or reactions to his "reviews" because he don't has to. He scored the chance to do 2 shows here and he makes them and the escapist shows them and he gets something for his work, i don't know. I guess, nobody really cares...
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    Escape to the Movies: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

    I liked the movie. Guess that makes me a retard. Ah well. I felt the human and robot-scenes were well belanced and I silently cheered for the humans as they helped the Autobots. I mean, the humans would never be able to defend against the Decepticons on their own and I think that is made very...
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    Drinking Games: Call of Drinking: Modern Warfare 2

    I liked this episode waaaay better than the last one. It was very funny, I really like this style!
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    Trailers: Gears of War 3: Horde Mode Briefing

    Sooo... It's basically age old and glorious "Tower Defense" marketed as something new? I mean, even the FPS aspect was there some time before with "Sanctum". Ah well, it may be fun but it's far from new.
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    No Right Answer: Wood vs. Yellow

    Finally! A new show that I really like. Lately I find myself tuning in to Feed Dump, LRR, Unskippable, MovieBob and ZP + Critical Miss (and Stolen Pixels if it is updated ^^). The rest seems very subpar and or annoying. I am looking forward to the next episode! Edit: And as bob already...