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    Playstation 3 help: New System or new hard drive?

    You can replace your hdd without losing your warranty; read the guide of the ps3 that came with it, it explains everything. If you need a link: Iève done it...
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    Poll: Are you a Leftie or Righte?

    Lefty through and through
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    Poll: When you hear "Dune", you think of...

    Definately the books, I've got the entire series prequels, original series, and the endings that never should have been written... All the same though I absofuckinglutely love the books and am currently reading through them again. + 1 cookie if you figure out which book my name is from.
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    So, how do you like E3 so far?

    All press conferences had way too much shittyness (Kinect, and all Kinect related games (minus Child of Eden)) Microsoft was pure unadulterated fail other than gears 4 player co-op and possibly MGS Rising (still unsure of un-stealthyness, although Raiden looks pretty badass) EA was okay i...
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    How original is your username and have you ever run across someone else who is using it?

    My username is not original... I took it from a book, however I have yet to find anyone else use it.
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    Have you read this letter?

    He's right about not being an ignorant asshat (but that should go without saying). I don't think that the fanboyism is particularly bad right now but with gaming going more mainstream and such (aka more people) there are going to be more mindless fanboys. Honestly from what I've seen is that...
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    Valve's E3 Surprise

    Sorry forgot to search for related threads consider this /thread
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    Valve's E3 Surprise

    So I've been thinking about Valve's surprise announcement since they said there would be one and I just have this gut feeling, since they said this that its going to be Left 4 Dead 3. Not off of any particular knowledge about the inner workings of Valve, and there are probably more rational...
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    Music to fight to.

    "Fight music for the fight" by bromheads jacket Name says it all.
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    Self Imposed Challenges?

    Such a good point, i always tend to save up those kinds of special power ups for parts where i get absolutely fucked up, usually by this method i forget i have said abilities until respawning the 5th or 6th time. Anyways when dead space came out i figured i could beat the game just using the...
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    What game did you never finish?

    So many games... PS2 - GTA: Vice City (wanted to see what happened when you turn off power while its saving, was almost done the game, never tried to beat it afterwards) - FFXII (why the fuck can't i invert the y-axis? hated battle system) - Okami (i'll beat it eventually... when i have...
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    That One Boss Fight...

    Ninja'd /thread
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    Does your monitor lie to you?

    My 27" lcd tv says it can run in 1080p but i'm not so sure. I'm pretty sure before i bought it, it maxed out at 1080i/720p. All the same whenever i load up a ps3 game that runs native 1080p my screen goes black for a second and says in the top right corner that its running 1080p. It's probly...
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    Unexpected results from "What kind of gamer are you?"

    Somehow got best of the best... not really the complete opposite of my gaming style I suppose but definately not what i was expecting :S
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    The most anticipated game release ever.

    GoW3 was probably my most anticipated game partly due to the fact that i love the series with a burning passion, ordered the ultimate edition but was in Cuba when it came out, Cuba made the wait a bit easier cause it was fucking sweet, but in the back of my mind (when i was sober) i was dying to...