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    Calling all single people, what are you doing to survive the 14th?

    Not giving a shit. It will be just another Tuesday for me. Edit: MASS EFFECT 3 DEMO!!!!
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    50 Americanisms That Brits Apparently Hate

    Some of the words that they describe I've never heard in my life, deliverable? I'm British and this article just comes off as really pretentious, language evolves these people really need to get over it. The only one I have an issue with is 'I could care less' in place of 'I couldn't care...
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    I hate being white....

    The fuck? seriously? I'm sorry but hating yourself because you're white and because of what your ancestors did is just stupid. You had nothing to do with the actions that they carried out so why feel guilty?
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    Your "I'll get back to it" game...

    For me it has to be Resistance: Fall of Man, I started playing it, I think I'm a fair way through it but I just can't go back and play it. It's been a few months I believe since I last played it.
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    Have you ever walked out on a movie?

    I stopped watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix about 20 minutes in and fell asleep/started pissing about with my friends, only reason I didn't leave was because I went with my friends. It's as if I had walked out as I don't know what happened in the rest of the film, does that...
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    Stupidest Reason Why You've Gotten Into Trouble In School.

    I got a college detention, this means it went on my permanent record, for taking my Creative Zen to school with me. Really fucking stupid, the teacher that gave it to me was a ***** the worst part was that she wouldn't give me my Zen back until the term was up.
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    Two men hugging means they're gay?

    Jeez I must be a raging homosexual as I hug my guy friends all the time, heck it's how we greet each other. I don't see anything wrong with hugging your bros.
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    Hacker Group Promises Doom for Sony

    Normally I have nothing against hackers but this is just getting ridiculous, do they have nothing else to do with their lives? I'm glad that I own both systems as that means I can still play online, if I just had the PS3 I'd be hella pissed off.
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    Activision Unveils New Call of Duty Online Service

    This will result in them losing a lot of players, maps that are exclusive to this elite subscription and a stat tracker isn't enough to justify the subscription IMO. Doesn't bother me though as Black Ops was the last COD for me, I thoroughly enjoyed BO but I'm burnt out on the series and want to...
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    Teen Arrested for Home-Made "Hot or Not" List on Facebook

    What...but..I can't say enough how fucking stupid it a reason that is to get arrested.
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    Where would you like to see the next GTA take place in?

    Anywhere other than Liberty City, its been done loads of times. Heck maybe even somewhere other than America just to see something different.
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    Halo-Loving Modder Creates Portal: Reach

    that was pretty god damn awesome
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    Why can't people take a joke?

    Do nothing, ***** sounds crazy. If they get offended at that fuck 'em.
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    Who did you root for when watching Death Note?

    I rooted for Light, but Ryuku was my favourite character.
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    EXTERMINATE..... the Royal Wedding?

    I really don't understand why people got so excited about it, cool they're getting married but I don't know them so I don't give a fuck.