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    MW 2 : Just a bad game ?

    Wow, to the OP, I feel bad for you. I feel really bad that you can't enjoy this game, becauase I find no problem enjoying the multiplayer. Maybe you should try 3rd person, because that's where this game (to me) really shines. It's really fun to play with a couple friends in some 3rd...
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    Game Of The Year

    How did Modern Warfare 2 not even make it on to this list? Nothing, nothing can even compare to the Campaign and multiplayer that that game has. Most games have one or the other, but this game has both, and they are both done better than every other game out there.
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    Domestic Violence Against Men

    No offence to women here, but sometimes I think women are more violent than men are (of course, there are many exceptions!). Women know that they can hit you, slap you, whatever, and get away with it. Women have total control over everything, and the ugly truth is that you can't do anything...
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    Good ideas gone bad

    The Frostbite Gaming Engine (Battlefield Bad Company) Taking CoD4 and applying it to WWII (World At War) Battlefield 1943 Movies to Games Comic Books to Movies The Wii
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    The Next Call of Duty

    I would be totally fine with World War 2, I just had a problem with the way Treyarch tried to copy and paste COD4 into World War 2. You just can't do that. I like World War II and the whole war, it just needs to be done with some sort of realism in mind. Nothing is more exciting than actually...
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    Atrocious TV Shows

    All MTV / VH1 shows. (a few exceptions)
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    Geeks are sexy.

    I'm pretty sure you're a great example. Not saying you're a geek, but just a good example of geeks or whatnot being sexii! Being a guy, I can't really say girl gamers are hot, because to be honest, I only know one girl gamer, and yeah she is extremely hot but it's hard to come across girl...
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    What's So Bad About Transformers 2?

    Don't forget (part of) his nutsack...
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    What's So Bad About Transformers 2?

    In somewhat of a defense. #4 isn't entirely accurate. They use the piece of the cube that was left in her locker to revive the old man who switched sides. Yeah, the one with the kane with lame jokes.
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    Uncontested Political Incorrectness in Games

    Semper Fee! Battlefield 1943. Blows.
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    Most anticipated games of 2009-2010 that don't end in numbers.

    Jeeze. Modern Warfare 2. Doesn't count. Bad Company 2. Doesn't count. Madden 10. Doesn't count. I think I'll go with Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising. BOOM! GET FUCKED OP! GET FUCKED! Sorry. I just get excited when I find ways around rules.
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    Films or TV shows that would make a bad game.

    American Id - wait a second.... Transf - WTF?! Spongeb - OH COME ON!
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    Your First Time, Gaming That Is!

    I remember my first online game was Xbox, and it was NCAA 06 I believe. I lost 35-7.
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    What's So Bad About Transformers 2?

    I don't know. Maybe my standards are just miles lower than everyone else here, but maybe I'm just a moron. Who knows. I thought it was a pretty decent flick because you got to see some old characters come back and the Transformers now have (somewhat) a personality, and the movie is (kind of)...
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    What's So Bad About Transformers 2?

    I'm sorry. I just got home from work. I'm tired. I'm stressed. And this was quicker than searching.