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    Super Rare (And Horrifying) "Living Fossil" Shark Caught In Australia

    Of course it was found near Australia.
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    Titanfall Developers Secretly Listen to Players Complain

    You actually made me laugh out loud at work and have thus, made my day. Thank you.
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    Titanfall Developers Secretly Listen to Players Complain

    If you like the game or not, it's nice that they are actually taking the time to listen to the community to make improvements.
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    Microsoft Confirms It Won't Reward Early Xbox One Adopters

    I've bought consoles since the Nintendo came out and never expected any return just because I've been an early adopter. Prices go down over time, it happens with most products, you don't see people go back to LG/Sony/Samsung demanding credit because the TV they bought a year ago is now reduced...
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    H.R. Giger, Creator of Alien's Iconic Monster, Has Died

    One of the most scariest, interesting artist I have ever experienced. I will miss you very much.
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    Triple-A Ain't What it Used to Be

    This has been one of the better articles that I have read in awhile, and while I do enjoy playing Titanfall, I do see the hype around it quickly evaporating among my friends.
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    Jimquisition: Monetizing Whales For The Retention Of Virality

    Anything free to play I don't even bother with anymore. It just freaks me out that this micro transaction garbage has made its way into the paid market.
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    Elder Scrolls Online's First Microtransaction Is a Horse

    I think they've gone insane, and it makes me sad that I may not see another single player game in this series if it bombs.
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    Bethesda Hates Mages: 12 Reasons Magic in Skyrim Sucks

    I also felt the mage side weak, but once I went with an Arcane Fighter combo I enjoyed the game much more.
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    The Games Industry Is Its Own Citizen Kane

    By far my favorite article I've read on Escapist. Well done.
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    Jimquisition: Free To Wait

    I hope this game model dies a quick death; Who would support something like this?
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    Jimquisition: Joy Begets Anger

    I just think it's sad that gamers just cannot enjoy the game of their choosing without being attacked. It's the reason I rarely posted in the past, it's just another form of bullying, posting in response to them just makes them happy.
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    We Really, Really Don't Need New Consoles

    Amen Yahtzee, I started my gaming years on the PC, and the way things are now heading I may come back full circle to PC gaming again.
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    No Microtransactions For iOS XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    Can they skip their publisher as well when they port over to iOS or Android? I guess that depends on trademarks and copyrights. I wonder if this will start a trend of full port console games over to mobile devices?
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    No Microtransactions For iOS XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    So if they are not to do microtransactions, what would be the price point that people are willing to pay? $39.99 or less for a full port? A Final Fantasy pricing of $19.99? Just curious.