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    Gaymer Sub-Reddit Faces Legal Threat

    It's very funny to watch people argue over these debates and they usually fall in this order: 1) One makes a broad claim 2) Someone else claims they're the exception to disprove the broad claim 3) Person redefines claim with potential attack 4) Argument shifts further away from any core...
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    Author Films Sega's Toylet in Action

    The urinal cake! Hiyoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I believe the proper word for this is "Awefulsome"
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    One and Done

    It's important that some games provide a relatively unique experience each time, or at least a customized one. Many games that focus on multiplayer such as Unreal or Quake could be played over and over again with no real incentive to reach THE END. MineCraft is another example. I completely...
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    Nintendo: The 3DS Isn't Big Enough for a Second Analog Stick

    Yeah this is why Nintendo can't turn a serious profit anymore. Splitting the developerbase? You already did that introducing the thing OPTIONALLY, what difference does it make if its forcefully included. Morons didn't learn from the first time. Too bad the Vita doesn't have any games to back...
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    Epic VP Says "Passionate" Developers Are Cool With Crunch

    You very much speak truth. As a former developer and a technical project manager, it is the company's responsibility to make sure the services they offer make sense to market and for its employees. When employees are proud of what they do, they'll make something come true, satisfaction is...
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    Sony Buys Gaikai Cloud Gaming Service

    Sure, but don't think so small, Sony sells lots of hardware. TVs/Consoles, Portable gaming rigs, memory cards, and speakers to name a few. You can't stream things to the Vita and call yourself "portable". So while the cloud option is viable, it is just as viable for them to allow for a limited...
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    Sony Buys Gaikai Cloud Gaming Service

    True that, but right now PS Plus allows for free games that are installed to your harddrive (Which is finite in space), works in offline mode, and ceases to work once PS plus is inactive. I'm hoping they'll keep that same philosophy. Captcha: hard cheese Indeed it is. Smelly too.
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    Sony Buys Gaikai Cloud Gaming Service

    Bring on the cloud gaming. Owning games is for suckers. Play it for 10-20 hours then trade it in for a net loss of 65% or more? Bleh. I'd pay upwards of 30 bucks a month to play whatever I wanted. To not alienate an audience allow for a "checkout" mode that allows some one to have X number of...
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    Firefall Boasts 500k Beta Testers

    Gee that's funny because there is no NDA. Nothing would be "leaked". You can talk about whatever you want and they're completely open about the beta. It's been part of their policy. The game has been going through slow phases of beta with tons of feedback being reviewed. I've been in the beta...
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    Grumpy Pundit: Men Play Too Many Dang Videogames

    I work my ass off am not in debt and take care of anything I need to. I also game many chances I get. Fuck you Mr. Bennett. YOU get a real job and a better opinion. I game to help blow off steam from listening to assholes like this get a soapbox to spread their opinion.
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    Fox Threatens Simpsons Cast: Take Pay Cut or Die!

    Yeah I never said socialism was evil. Nor was it implied. Funny how when we help the poor it's called "Welfare". The point is, they earned what they made. Which what can you say for those that don't? Sorry speaking into a mic is worth more than a doctor or a teacher. If the teacher taught...
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    Fox Threatens Simpsons Cast: Take Pay Cut or Die!

    Umm socialist much? Don't be bitter because they earned that. Well, they spoke into a microphone and made millions laugh. Take it for what its worth. Which is apparently millions. I still enjoy the show, but if it ended there are enough reruns to enjoy it another 20 years. For many young...
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    NATO, Taliban Go To War On Twitter

    Major lol at NATO-Baked. I have tears forming that's how hard I laughed. Seriously, fighting it out on twitter?
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    The Big Picture: Out of the Park

    I've often thought that anyone that takes satire and uses that to base their opinions was pretty moronic. When I hear a John Stewart argument (He makes fun of things, he's funny) regurgitated, I want to punch them. You don't have an opinion, you have a soundbite and that alone does not make...
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    FTC Rules That Smartphones Cannot Cure Acne

    Cure Acne while giving yourself radiation! I want to make a joke about how iPhone users are more gullible than Android users, but either way, anyone that bought this probably already feels shame.