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    Shifting Perspectives: The Bridge Will Exercise Your Mind

    It reminded me a lot of Braid which is one of my all-time fav games, especially being able to rewind at will. Honestly I don't think it's worth the full package of $15 as it is quite short, or maybe just a little too easy if you play puzzle-platformers often. I recommend wait for a steam...
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    Update: Halo Trilogy Appears and Then Vanishes From Steam Database

    Man, hope this is real, I'm so freaking excited. . . for a Steam Port of You Have To Cut The Rope xD
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    In your opinion, what's the most overrated video game ever?

    Portal 1 It was my go-to game for a while when someone asked for an outstanding game to play that was funny, fun to play and not too long. (Surprisingly these are the big things people ask me in recommendations, in that order too) The problem was when I ask how they liked it I usually get...
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    On Gaymers and Cons

    Hey do any of you guys know of videogames that feature openly (i.e. not implied ala Marcus/Dom shipping) gay protagonists? I honestly cant think of one Ive played and it bothers me
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    Poll: Should Link be female in the next Lengend Of Zelda

    Sure, the question is tho, do you make Zelda Male or leave her female? :)
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    On Gaymers and Cons

    Lets not forget the best thing about Gaymer Con. . . Booth Bros xD Actually you'd want some eyecandy for the chicks too so I can imagine that there would be Booth Babes also, hell, they probably don't even get harassed to the point of self-loathing and murderous wrath (as I've been told is...
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    Holiday Buyer's Guide 2012

    Yeah I'm just kinda sad since some mates pushed me to make a competitive standard deck so I could play PTQ's and such with them. Had a blast playing draft and sealed for trade fodder so that I could collect the cards I needed for my deck then 2 months later when I'd finished it I realised it...
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    Holiday Buyer's Guide 2012

    "A Playset of Geist of Saint Traft, Thragtusk, Overgrown Tomb and Such" Hmmm, lets pass over the "and Such" for now and check what the other 12 cards will set us back. Geist of Saint Traft x 4 = $135.08 Thragtusk x 4 = $92.44 Overgrown Tomb x 4 = $51.36 So together you're looking...
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    Black Friday sales on Graphics Cards

    Hey all, need some advice on PC Gaming, the local electronics store is having its Black Friday sale tonight and they have Sapphire HD6570 2gb cards for NZD$87.00 (USD$70.00) I've been running a 1gb NVIDIA GeForce 9500GT for a couple years now since I put together my first gaming machine and...
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    Exploring Control Options in Standard

    I started building a Junk Rites deck when the set released, finally finished it and ready for Standard but I'm wanting to make a silly deck for local FNM, anyone seen a playable Search the City deck? :P
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    The Five games that define you as a gamer

    1. Dune II on the Acorn First game I really lost myself in, no group unit selecting, you had to enter a pause menu every time you constructed a building, AI ranged from overpowered to retarded. Damn I loved that game =P 2. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Still my alltime favorite game...
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    "You can't love animal's if you're not a vegetarian"

    Im not a vegetarian but I love my pets. I don't love cows or sheep or pigs and in the same sense I don't eat dogs or cats. The phrase is a bit too broad I think.
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    Worst review I have seen in a long time (borderlands 2)

    I can't believe he shoots down Borderlands 2 for "Gratuitous Cussing" then praises CoD's online multiplayer xD
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    LoadingReadyRun: Scout's Dishonor

    Would all of these incidents happen to be references to the Noodle Incident? Well lunch tray that involves Potatoes could be anything but Squirrel with string seems pretty straightforward. . . "flossing" *shudder*
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    The Knight

    I'm so glad I didn't get this spoiled for me in the comments, I was already enjoying the craziness of what was happening but to be blindsided by everything falling into place made it fantastic. Moral of the story: Never read the comments. . . yeah