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    Eggs of Ultron: What's Going on the New Avengers 2 Trailer

    Just wanted to point out why Ultrons energy signature is blue when fighting cap at 0:56 is probably because it is one of Ultrons drones meaning one of the hijacked(?) iron man suits that seem to be ultrons army. Ultron himself seem to be red though. Also could the red-ish taint in the hulks...
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    Merry Christmas escapist!

    Merry Christmas fellow Escapists! Jooly good seasons to all :D!
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    Game Dogs: The Hand of Fate

    This. Seriously killing a character off is one thing but this is just bad. I seriously thought that the makers of these series was better than this. Totally dissapointed.
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    Name a something bad and good about yourself

    Good: According to my friends im crazy in a goood way and i easily make others happy Also me and alcohol seems to increase this. Bad: Due to me being quite tall and big, some people are afraid of me before they get to know me :P Also I tend to hug too much when i've had alcohol
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    have a second language?

    In sweden we get to learn english cuz its needed today and we may learn another language in high school like german,frensch or spanish. And in college you can pick up more if you want?
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    What did you do whilst you were banned?

    I wasn't on here for any of this? what the hell am i always away when stuff like this happen? Am i THAT lucky?
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    What game has the most gorgeous soundtrack?

    Im going alan wake ^^
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    What makes you known on the Escapist?

    What makes me known? well.... I AM BEOWULF!!!! seriously no idea. still so new that noone has noticed me yet
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    Your Favorite Superhero Game?

    Mine is Hulk ultimate destruction for gamecube ^^ nothing feels as good as to throw a buss into my enemies!
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    Apocalypse Lane: Episode 48: Fin

    Congratz on a great series hope ill see more from u guys further on. Until then: Live long and prosper
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    favorite video game to blow off steam?

    Dynasty Warriors 3 nothing blows of steam like slaughtering hundreds of enemies!
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    Looking to the future ...

    How come no one has mentioned HALF LIFE 3!? Or at least episode 3!
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    Apocalypse Lane: Episode 47: Dirty Rotten Cyborgs

    Loved the "looks like the princess is at another castle" XD
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    Who "your people" hate

    Touché! Youre right.