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    Jimquisition: Solving the Sexism Situation

    What the hell? How does this have anything to do with sexism? This isn't about people being mistreated, discriminated or violated based on their gender; this is about tits and butts in games. People like tits and butts, so they put 'em in games. Nothing sexist about it. Seriously? How can...
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    Geohot Hints at Plans After Sony Settlement

    This guy is awesome! Why do you guys dislike him so much? Sony has got some big fucking issues when it comes to DRM and the likes, so it is only good when someone calls them out on their crap; especially if they also hack their products. :D
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    Poll: Fox News

    You have presented no logic []. This is making it hard for me to "see" it. Also, I never said anything about whether it scares me or not. Of course it scares me that people listen to their lies. However, there needs to be a clear distinction between stupidity...
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    Poll: Fox News

    Fox news is a group of incredibly talented manipulators that twist media in their own favor. Bill O'Reilly doesn't believe a word he's saying; he's a smart guy. He's just doing it to trick people. The people at Fox News have one task, and that is to control those who watch it and to form...
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    Question of the Day, December 28, 2010

    I'm more of a white person myself.
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    Question of the Day, June 24, 2010

    Um... Can you say "Pyramid Head"? Didn't look through the whole thread, but it went at least two pages without any mention of this stud...
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    Least Favorite Celebrity?

    This [] and this [] might change your opinion on Keanu Reeves, who is, in fact, the most awesome guy ever! Seriously, take him off that list right now!
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    Best Video Game Endings Evar.

    "When you walk away; you don't hear me say: 'Please! Oh baby, don't go!'" I cried like a... Well, I don't know what I cried like; but I cried a lot.
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    Least Favorite Celebrity?

    Can I say who my favorite celebrity is instead? I'm not too keen on hating.
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    Your Mom

    That's pretty sad, but at the same time; it's kind of awesome that you're not being a wuss about it. People who treat you like shit shouldn't get to be respected by you, even if they're family.
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    A Good Anti-Virus Software

    You should try Linux. It works wonders. And that's pronounced Lee-Nooks. ;)
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    What would you pay for eternal life?

    There's no amount that I wouldn't pay in any given environment.
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    What would your last meal be?

    A fully loaded AR-15 Assault Rifle. []
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    Your Mom

    Wow... No offense, but your father seems like kind of a dick. Also, I don't know if my parents have caught me doing something strange... Though I doubt that they'd mind.
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    Criticize your favorite game.

    Kingdom Hearts Right stick is for rotating the camera, Square!