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    The Escapist Film Festival 2009: The Princess and the POD

    I want some taquitos...
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    Escape to the Movies: A Christmas Carol

    I've seen and performed in numerous Christmas Carols and my favorite has to be Mickey's Christmas Carol starring Uncle Scrooge Mcduck, even though they got the purpose of the ending wrong, IMO. In the Disney version Scrooge gets "scared straight" by evil Christmas Future saying he's going to go...
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    "Phantom of the Arcade 2: Shadows, Darkness, and Dread" - A Text Adventure

    BOOYAH!!! I beat it! 65/65. Badge well earned, I say! Great game!
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    Your alchohol of choice

    anything where I can't taste the alcohol. Yup, I'm one of those.
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    Poll: Desktop or Laptop?

    A thousand times, laptop! I would never go back to using a desktop for my own personal computer.
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    Poll: What kind of hair?

    My hair is its own seperate entity! But i'm proud to have curly hair. So many people think of it as "messy" or "ugly" and will do anything to make their hair straight and "perfect". Forget that! Curly hair is beautiful!
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    Last thing you ate.

    a bowl of cheerios with banana slices. yay health!
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    Am I the Only One Sick of Vampires?

    I'm tired of self-loathing vampires who brood in a corner about how much their eternal life sucks. I liked Interview with the Vampire, but I can't think of an instant where the emo-pire has worked for me since.
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    Escape to the Movies: Up!

    This movie positively WRECKED ME. Someone told me it was sad at points but I never expected to be sobbing within the first 15 minutes. I was a mess. Not through the whole thing, of course, but man, when was the last time ANY movie tugged at the heart strings like that? Bravo, Pixar! Key to a...
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    Poll: Who deserved to win World War 2 based only on moustache quality.

    Ha, what a great idea! I have to give it to Stalin, that moustache could've ruled an empire. In fact, it was probably the source of Stalin's power...Oh we went about this all wrong! Razors and soap could've ended that awful war much sooner. :-(
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    What's your "Achilles Heel?"

    Fear and anxiety. Poor self image probably doesn't help either.
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    Stephen King: Pulp or Literature?

    The only thing that I've been able to read of his all the way through is The Shining. For some reason that book REALLY grabbed me. You'll always find people that are against your taste. If he entertains you and his writing speaks to you then go ahead and read it. No one's going to call the...
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    Is he trying to scam me?

    It's most DEFINITELY a scam. My boyfriend got taken in a few years a go. It wasn't a macbook, but he could've gotten a couple hundred for it. just as a general rule if you're selling something expensive like that on craigslist insist on cash and a meeting. That way you both win. You get the...
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    Poll: How will Great Britain Fall?

    If they fell who would rules the waves? I have no patience for pesky mer-folk!
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    Apocalypse Lane: Episode Two: Poker Night

    What really sells the "censored jokes" are the parts that ARE heard. And the more nonsensical they are the more hilarious it is. It was executed really well here. Great job!