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    If You Thought the Facebook Posts About Japan Were Bad...

    Deosnt matter what you believe, a dick is a dick. Let's all try to not be dicks. It really ruins it for everyone.
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    Poll: The Raping Game (Rapelay)

    Really, it's a just a fancy roleplay. It's not really any different than two people roleplaying a rape situation. It's like saying someone into bondage ties up random people against their will. This is a bit personal for me since... I subscribe to that fetish. I've played eroges involving...
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    Vancouver Rioting?

    Goddammit guys, you're ruining it for everyone. Made worst by the fact that most the members of the Boston team are Canadian anyways... XD Though I doubt they were thinking that straight. At least the stadium seems pretty cool, cheering on people. XD Booing the commissioner.
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    Will superheroines ever pose for Playboy? (Intelligent discussion, please)

    Well the latest rumor coming through is that DC wants to put PANTS on all the superheroines, so that might be less likely. Somehow that idea seems kinda... wrong to me. I'll just say, if you want Superheroine porn... it's out there. Don't ask me how I know that :P
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    Favorite JRPGs?

    Persona 3/4. Have no real preference over the other. Prefer the music in 3, battle system in 4, though that is reconciled a bit in P3P. Anyone calling themselves a JRPG fan owes it to themselves to try these game :D
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    Your Favorite E3 Trailer

    Skyward Sword, if only because DAT SONG is so wonderful :D Nothing gets me going like a good Zelda song, so I'm a bit biased in that regard. And I still can't believe that's Zelda's Lullaby backwards. Though really, the best all-around trailer was probably Bioshock: Infinite IMO.XD Just gets...
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    I am a male, but always make a female player-character.

    I'm a male that choose female characters too. I'd say that most of the reason is because XD well I just like how women look, so if I have to play a game for 20+ hours, why not be looking at a woman? Also, I really like playing with the conventions of women roles. Making the woman the...
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    Games you just couldn't play/finish...

    Edited to better suit qeustion I duno, I really disliked Resistance, just couldn't get into. IT was just so... it just didn't grab me in any way.
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    Comic-Con Loses Hollywood Support

    Well, Hollywood has learned the harsh reality: The opinion of nerds about creative works does not directly correlate to the real world. Though to be fair, it tends to work out. Scott Pilgrim didn't do well in the box office, but it's becoming a DVD/Bluray Cult hit, it's sorta like how...
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    Duke Nukem Train Wreck Trashes Take-Two

    Well, they can't have honestly expected LA Noire to sell as well as Red Dead. Sounds like their expectations were too high... nothing against the game at all, it's just it's tougher sell to the masses.
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    E3: Final Fantasy XIII-2

    So it's Final Fantasy XIII with bigger maps, faster combat and QTEs. Sounds rad. XD Course for me, it could have just been more of the same awesome battle system and I would have been ok, but it looks like the fixed the problems people liked to harp on.
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    Suda51 Is Making an Evangelion Rhythm Game

    IF I can play a rhythm game of Operation Yashima or that last scene in 2.0.... DAY ONE. This had better come over (it won't)
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    Duke Nukem Forever PR Agency Threatens Sites Over Bad Reviews - UPDATED

    Yeah no. Though I'd really just blame PR, they can be a little detached from reality sometimes...
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    Nintendo Admits 3DS Sales Are "Below Expectations"

    I really don't think it's the games, by that mentality the DS should have sold less at this point. Well yeah. That's half the point really, portable versions of existing games and franchises. It is a PORTABLE console after all. The original games will come but it's going to take a while...
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    True conversation I had the other day (apple zing)

    Yeah, even a person who is posting using a Macbook, who owns an iPod and has an iPad coming in the mail knows that some of those guys can be pretty annoying XD Having a Mac doesn't make you any better than anyone else, despite what some people think. It's just a nice alternative to the PC...