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    Dr Who: Into the Dalek

    Not quite sure why, at any point between "the Dalek is evil again" and "we can make it good again", no one thought "let's open the leak we just repaired that kept the Dalek docile". Probably would've saved them quite a bit of trouble. Other than that, I enjoyed it. Still confused about the whole...
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    Rumor: Warner Bros. Imposes "No Jokes" Rule On DC Comics Movies

    "You know that thing that the #1 movie of the year is doing? Don't do that." They don't want anything funny to happen at all? Hell, even The Dark Night Trilogy had funny moments in it!
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    Is there a hatred of California in the USA?

    In my experience hating certain states seems to come more from people's political affiliation. For instance, a very conservative individual will hate California because of how liberal it is while Liberals will give Texas hate for it's rampant conservatism.
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    Who's sticking as a PC gamer this generation?

    I am definitely not buying the Xbone. I probably will buy a PS4 and probably a PC.
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    What did the Xbone do right?

    At least more people will buy their operating systems when they switch to PC gaming!
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    Mirror's Edge 2 Listing Appears On

    Looks like I'll have to update my pros and cons to buying the xbone. Pros: Halo, Mirror's Edge 2, I like the controller better than the Playstation controller. Cons: Internet connection required, extra fee for used games, probably still have to pay for Xbox Live, no backwards...
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    No Right Answer: 100th Episode - Who Would Win?

    Master Chief vs. Captain Jack Sparrow. The Contest: Break dancing.
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    Do you speak with an accent?

    I have a Midwestern American accent (just like most people where I live), but I have an occasional word that I'll say with an English or Southern accent. This is because my mother is English and my father was in the Army (lots of moving around, lived in Virginia and North Carolina). Thanks to my...
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    Jimquisition: Why An Always-On DRM Console Would Be Dumb Dumb Dumb

    If it's true that Microsoft is making the next X-Box online only, It will be enough for me to switch to PC gaming. I used to buy the X-Box because I was a huge Halo fanboy, but this is enough to make me drop it. I even have a good internet connection where I live, but I am willing to not buy the...
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    Rumor: Next-Gen Xbox Will Cost $300-$500, Be Always-Online

    Looks like the PS4 is going to win the next generation if this is true. It's certainly what I'm buying instead. Alternatively, I might buy a gaming PC.
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    Recommend me some books.

    "I am America and So Can You" and "America Again, Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't" both by Stephen Colbert. They're both very funny books presented in a similar style to the Colbert Report.
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    Newtown Boy Campaigns Against Violent Games

    And thus, hundreds of dollars worth of games will be stolen and sold.
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    Poll: Have you ever bought a console for one game?

    Have you ever bought a video game console just to get one game? What was the game? I bought the Xbox because of the original Halo and I bought the 360 because of Halo 3.
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    Favourite Easter Eggs or Secrets in Games

    I would have to say the Red Vs. Blue easter eggs in Halo. It's really awesome to see gaming companies referencing fan made stuff and actually using their voice actors.
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    Zero Punctuation: Halo 4

    You really only need to have played the other games, but knowing about the stuff in the expanded universe helps alot.