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    Is It Really the End of the Iron Age for Marvel Movies?

    James "Rhodey" Rhodes isn't he only in Avengers 2 to be killed off too show that Ultron is an actual threat at least that's what the leaked scripts all say. And Falcon dies in Captain America 3 already confirmed as after the Black Panther film comes out Marvel do not need 3 token blacks...
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    Andrew Garfield Blames Sony For Amazing Spider-Man 2 Failures

    Spiderman 3 cost more to make than any other Spiderman film and made far more money than Spiderman 2 which made less than the first Spiderman film so I guess that makes Spiderman 2 a failure as well. If the 9th highest grossing film world wide (5th with international gross only) based on...
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    Andrew Garfield Blames Sony For Amazing Spider-Man 2 Failures

    And Bob's Spiderman only lasted 38 issues once John Romita, Sr. took over as artist Peter was still a nerd buy no longer a victim.
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    Andrew Garfield Blames Sony For Amazing Spider-Man 2 Failures

    Oh come on! it's been 4 months get over it Bob. You complain about people screaming bias at you then ***** at a film you didn't like 4 months later! What, did you do spend 3 hours every day since it's release looking for anything negative about a film so you could complain more? Still I...
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    Legend of Korra Book 4 Premiere Surprisingly Close

    The animation quality should be fine as it started production the same time as season 3 did and the recording of the voice actors was according to various sources done alternately with one season 3 episode followed by a season 4 episode (so they can animate the lip syncing accurately). But...
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    Legend of Korra Book 4 Premiere Surprisingly Close

    Hmm more Korra in less than a month YAY! But then no more Korra ever after January BOO!
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    The Not-So-Marvelous 90s in Marvel Cartoons

    Spiderman Unlimited wasn't that bad and your write up isn't even negative more disappointed about what limitations Marvel inflicted of Saban but yeah apart from MiB the rest of these were awful to average at there best.
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    DC Comics Teases a New CRISIS

    The only thing DC and Marvel care about is sales and issue number 1's sell best Marvel are going to restart with issue 1's for every story are so once every year or 2 while DC do the continuity reboot that it self takes 1-2 years.
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    8 Activision Games That Will Leave You Wanting

    Agreed last year's CoD Ghosts would have been a much better choice or if you wanted an older one MW3 but Bops2? the one who's story was justifiably praised. Also X-Men Origins: Wolverine was a very good game and also received good reviews better than some so called 'innovative masterpiece's'.
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    The Nude Abides

    That depends what country your from not to mention that nude and 'engaged in sex' may have different restrictions as well.
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    Rocket Racoon comic's 2nd issue see's sales plunge

    The first issue was used by loot crate ( ) and was originally stated by Marvel to be for 'only' 100,000 copies of the 300,000 but most believe loot crate's order was far higher and based on the 2nd week drop it was much closer to 200,000 copies for loot crate.
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    Boy with autism gets tricked into fake ice bucket challenge. Gets bodily fluids dumped on him.

    Kids have always done horrible things, it's just before FB and twitter it never went past local news.
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    Rocket Racoon comic's 2nd issue see's sales plunge

    After Rocket Racoon issue 1 saw record sales of 300,000 in July August's 2nd issues see's a 245,000 sales drop to 56,597 copies sold...
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    Google Attempts to Build Quantum Computer

    "Previously, Google began work back in 2009 with "quantum computing company" D-Wave Systems, whose claims of having made the first quantum computer have been proven illegitimate." This is false, the statement from the linked article reads "But independent tests published earlier this...
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    Friday Box-Office: Guardians Still On Top in Summer's Deadest Week

    US only GotG is still way behind all 3 Iron man films, the Avengers and the first 3 Spiderman films (yes even Spiderman 3). If you adjust for inflation you can add the first two X-men films as well.