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    Netflix Now Knows The Exact Episode of a TV Show That Got You Hooked

    Not sure how they can put Better Call Saul stats when it's not available on Netflix
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    Which Next Gen Console is Right For You?

    Seriously, can we stop calling the PS4/Xbone "Next Gen" consoles? They've been out for nearly 2 years. They're not next gen anymore. They're current gen, and the PS3/360/Wii are last gen.
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    Zero Punctuation: Axiom Verge & Stealth Inc 2

    I've tried with disabled adblock as well as a separate browser. Doesn't work in either. I think the problem is on their end.
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    GTA V Making PS3 Run Hot???

    What do you mean they're ticking time bombs? Do you have any evidence of this? I have a 80GB MGS4 model and it runs fine still. And the Elite models were not exactly great either. My Elite RRoD, but luckily I got it replaced under that 3 year warranty deal.
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    Grand Theft Auto 5 Review - People Suck

    I find it amusing that people like to jump on a game reviewer because he has an opinion on something that A: Isn't the same as everyone else, and B: Is for something that people haven't even played either. How do you all know that your opinion won't be the same as Greg's? How about you play the...
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    Dude, I'm annoyed as well, but I'm not going to rant and rave about it. You act like without a trailer you're going to have no idea what the movie is like until it comes out.
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    Should I buy SimCity?

    If you want to buy it, sure go ahead. Should you buy it NOW? Fuck no! It's at the most expensive and least stable right now. Wait for a sale. By then the major bugs will likely be ironed out and hopefully their server capacity issues will be resolved.
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    Ever Watched A TV Episode That Pissed You Off So Much You Quit Watching The Series?

    I fell out of love with Nip/Tuck at Season 6, when the show just became a mess and shadow of it's former self. Everyone became unlikable and unrelatable I think the show really jumped the shark with the episode where it ended with the entire cast lip syncing the song "Happy." It was so out of...
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    Skyrim DLC Dump Hits PS3 Next Month (Probably)

    FINALLY! Dragonborn is coming to PC!
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    Medal of Honor: Warfighter Sales Continue to Disappoint

    Good. The first game was god awful, and nothing from the previews gave me any hope that this would be any different. I love how they basically just said, "Let's copy Activision and it'll be like printing money!" Hats off to Activision for pulling it off well. Can't wait for Black Ops 2 next...
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    Halo 4 gets a 2/10...

    I could see Yahtzee giving it a grade like that. If he's serious about it, then he didn't like the Halo series to begin with. Really though, if you flat out don't like a game series, you probably shouldn't be reviewing it because you're going to be so biased that you can't really take it seriously.
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    MoH: Warfighter Gets a Big Trailer and a Bigger Patch

    That trailer was about as underwhelming as a gnat's fart. It looks like something Tony Scott would direct, today. I love how it says "Based on actual events from the war on terror." I'd like to see what they referenced and how closely it was recreated in this game.
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    Board The Last Express for iOS

    If you don't feel like playing the game yourself but want to see what happens you can watch the game cut as a cartoon, done by Mechner himself..:
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    Poll: Am I a bad person to use Emulators?

    If you can't buy the game in a reasonable manner than I'd say yes it's okay. I would not be for using emulators on the 2 most recent generations of games, but before that, and where you can only get it used from a third party, so it's not like you're taking any money from the...
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    What's Your Geeky Ringtone?

    I have America's theme..