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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens is Annihilating Advance Ticket Sales Records

    I likewise am going to avoid theaters as much as possible. Hell, I'll probably have to sequester myself from any multimedia accounts to remain spoiler free for a month. Or two.
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    Valve No Longer Replacing Steam Items Lost To Trade Scams

    In the event of stolen goods, in the real world, the item gets returned to the original owner and you get zero, zilch, and nada. You take it up with the merchant who sold it to you who will usually give you a refund, and they work up to their retailer in the same manner till it goes back to the...
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    World of Tanks Publisher To Revive Master of Orion

    Why in the world are you spamming HEAT in the E-100?! Thing can penetrate almost anything except a T110E3 hull down. But yea, seriously, "Gold" ammo has been purchasable with in-game currency for more than a year now. Get over it. Most premium tanks under-perform in tier to their normal same...
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    Witcher 3 Dev: Don't Buy From Green Man Gaming

    Whoever 3rd party retailer is... they are probably gonna lose out. CDPR are not idiots. How much you want to bet they will buy a copy from GoG and discover who the 3rd party retailer is that way? They would more than likely be able to then use that as proof that said 3rd party retailer...
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    Dungeons & Dragons' Next Storyline is Rage of Demons, Features Drizzt

    Ah Drizzt, the loser who every other friend wanted to re-create in high-school. At least groups at uni tended to start migrating towards more original char ideas. Every time I play BG I make sure to kill him.
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    Saving Forests With Technology? Drones Could Replant 36,000 Trees A Day

    I'm surprised it is only 15% more expensive then traditional methods. I bet with uneven mountainsides or rough terrain it might even the cost out, and as drones become even cheaper we may see it drop out as being the cheapest method. How long before we use drones for planting agricultural...
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    Feed Dump: Knife Time!

    Triceratops... oh man. People down the hall heard me, a real laugh out loud moment. I let my pub club membership expire last month, as I was feeling like there was no longer sufficient value I was getting out of it. With this gone... it's not a matter of value, it's a matter of time. There is...
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    Our Moon To Get A Moon? New Mission Will Drag Asteroid Into Orbit

    Yea, imagine what kinda fiasco that would be if they made contact with that comet I mean asteroid, and a person in mission control was wearing a hand crafted personalized shirt that *someone* might think was sexist. I mean, that's so silly and outside the realm of possibility we shouldn't even...
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    Battlefield: Hardline DRM Locks You Out For Hardware Changes

    It doesn't brick the account or the copy... it's just a small lockout when you rapidly change from computer to computer? Yea... clickbait article. At least update it to show that it is EIGHT changes it has to go through. This entire thing is a virtual non-issue.
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    The Current Trend of The Anticlimax in Video Games

    Hrmm. Not every open ended sandbox game ends anti-climatically. I just finished Saints Row IV, and part of the end was a super ethical reality climax. /rimshot I'm so sorry. I'll go now.
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    Five Rules for Being a Good Dungeon Master

    What does a player learn when you roll 3 20's in a row? That Insta-kills are possible? Geeze, lesson learned. Thanks DM for wasting my time! If the party takes 60pts of damage when they should be able to take 43, than that means it is the GM who has screwed up balancing the encounter. The...
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    No Right Answer: Home Theater vs Movie Theater

    I used to be able to, but then my ISP decided to throttle down netflix across the board. Has nothing to do with the technology I have, or even the several additional megabits download speed I can get from other services but NOT the one with the most content on it. And that's assuming they even...
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    Fallout Takes on Skyrim in Hilarious Fight to the Finish

    But he aimed for the *torso* at close range, what a n00b! He shoulda gone for headshots at only 80%. If you are gonna use vats on torso, only do it if you have a 100% chance of killing and you're going for triggering Grim Reaper's Sprint. But seriously, quite a funny vid. I loved it when both...
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    No Right Answer: Home Theater vs Movie Theater

    Can home theater do the Hobbit movies in HFR? Guess I'll still go to the movies, at least every once in a while. Also, streaming is an awful point. The visual quality is so terrible, even in "HD".
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    Get The Feels From New Inside Out Trailer

    This reminds me so much of the old Cranium Command at Disneyworld. I approve!