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    I wanna get into Dr. Who. How do I start?

    You could do season 1 of the reboot--2005, with Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper (although frankly, stick with it; the first half of the season is mediocre--or you could do season 5 of the reboot, with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. I'd recommend season 1 and watching it all the way...
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    Are Vita Devs Already Jumping Ship?

    I think I feel largely the same. I do want a Vita. There are a few games announced for it that I want: Gravity Rush, Persona 4: The Golden, Silent Hill: Book of Memories, and the eventual Bioshock game. But that's not quite enough at this point to justify me buying the system at the price it's...
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    Poll: What is your view on a "polyamory" relationship?

    I couldn't do it. I'm a monogamous guy, physically and emotionally; an open relationship, much less an actual polyamorous relationship, is something I could never do. However, I have no problem if others want to do it, provided they're not trying to force me into a relationship of that kind...
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    Are Vita Devs Already Jumping Ship?

    Why not just keep your PSP and play it when you want to play old titles? Backwards compatibility is nice, but you don't have to sell your old system. I remember seeing this kind of article about the 3DS when a few developers went under, though that was at a different site. I wonder if...
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    Ever gotten a death/violent threat online?

    That's a risky move to make :/ the idiots are the ones most likely to follow up on their threats.
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    Ever gotten a death/violent threat online?

    Holy shit; I hope things got better for you. Damn. I've, somehow, never had someone threaten me over the internet. I once had someone insult me over my clinginess, and I've been told to "stop spouting transphobic bullshit" at one point--I was advocating for transrights while still saying I...
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    Poll: 7year old child charged with Sexual Assualt. Is this Sexual Assualt?

    "In a sexual way", though; the boy only hit him in the balls to get him to stop strangling him.
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    Poll: Be honest, do you actually treat girl gamers the same online? (Minor update)

    I treat them the same way as anyone else.
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    Poll: Is "average" a five or a seven?

    Average should be 5. Unfortunately, the majority of gaming publications seem to think that 7 is the lowest acceptable rating.
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    Poll: Are you a Hipster?

    By the definition on Urban Dictionary, I suppose yeah, I'm a hipster. I really don't mind the label. I find a lot of hipster guys attractive, anyway, and I'm not being a hipster just for the hell of it; it's genuinely how I think and what I like.
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    50 Americanisms That Brits Apparently Hate

    A lot of these seem to be incredibly nitpicky, and just dislikes of general American English ways of speaking. I agree with a lot of the grammar ones, though. But... people seriously use "deplane"? What on earth? It's almost as obnoxious as "dethaw"!
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    Netflix App on 3DS: It Really Works!

    Oh, awesome. The article had said you have to download a system update to get to it, so I was worried. Thank you!
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    Netflix App on 3DS: It Really Works!

    Does the update delete all of the trailers from E3 that Nintendo put up? They've been saying they'd be unavailable soon, and I don't know if they meant they'd be unavailable from the shop or if they'd delete them like they did the OK Go video.
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    Why don't you like Matt Smith as the Doctor?

    I began with the Ninth Doctor, and I've not seen old!Who yet, though I'll watch it eventually. I like every Doctor I've seen, though, and Eleven's no exception. I love his whimsical attitude, compared to how heavy lots of Tennant's stuff--the finales especially--were. I also have liked each...
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    Final Fantasy XIII-2 Screens Show New Character, Similar Battle System

    I liked the battle system in XIII, as well as the music. I hope they don't make party leader death into game over again, though, and I really hope the story is better than XIII's. Overall, I'm excited.