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    Flash game save files.

    Is there a program out that that can save your flash game save files? I play games all the time from kongregate, and adult swim, but those save files are in the form of cookies or temp files on my computer. if I clear out my cookies, like I should, I lose all that data. There needs to be a...
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    Jimquisition: Rape vs. Murder

    It's strange.. you compare video game murder to real life murder, but you don't even touch rape in games, and instead go for just real life rape. You say rape is bad in real life, and yes it's a horrible thing, but what about the games that stop people from wanting to do it irl? Some say...
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    Congrats Escapist.....

    You just made your site more annoying to navigate yet again. I'm not trying to grief or flame, I'm just posting my opinion here. First change was awhile ago when you changed the look of the forum posts on the right, and since then I haven't used the forums (until now obviously) Now you took...
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    Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Review

    I mean it looks nice and all, but that dog fight mode takes it out for me, not to mention the seemingly boring story line. No other AC game seems to come close to AC4. Now that's a game that knew a few tricks. It was just the story or gameplay it was the fear. The game taught you to fear...
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    I need a good Training FPS

    Call of duty 4 MW has a training area at the start, though come to think of it MW2 had a MUCH better one. It's uncommon to rare for games to have something equal to that. Most games just have on screen directions. I want something one can practice on strafing and aiming.
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    I need a good Training FPS

    Ok first of all no I don't mean for real life, I know the vast difference between pulling a trigger and pushing a button in a game. Second I only really play PC anymore, so I need suggestions for that. It boils down to this, my GF just got into FPS games. Borderlands in fact which doesn't...
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    Can nintendo salvage themsleves

    Just because YOU don't like the wii doesn't mean it's a failure. So many homes and resorts have a Wii now, and it's still a decent console if you like that kind of thing. When it was first coming out (as I was working in electronics retail) it sold out every time we got a shipment for a whole...
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    Poll: which fetish is stranger?

    No it isn't. Furries aren't magic, it's certainly doesn't command unquestioning respect or devotion even by some of it's members, and not all furries use it in a erotic fashion.
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    Why do people queue for stuff like this?

    Obviously it's something new.. so people are going to flock to the place for a few weeks. It's like a new movie playing, new much awaiting video game coming out.. crowds that will just eventually die out. Go there in 2 weeks and you won't see 90% of those people.
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    Poll: which fetish is stranger?

    Furry isn't really a fetish.
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    Crossdressing Gamers

    I don't have the figure for it... yet. but I admire the courage of a cross-dresser and envy how something could make them happy like that. it's a good thing.
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    Leaked Microsoft Video Reveals Horrible Future for PC Gaming

    well I am glad stuff for bored house wives/husbands is getting an upgrade. Me I'm looking forward to PC stuff like portal 2, serious sam 3, and heck maybe for the first time in 10 years duke nukem.
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    Poll: Do you talk to yourself while gaming?

    Of course not... I talk to the game.
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    Leaked Portal 2 Achievement Ignites Episode 3 Rumors

    Umm didn't they already make that connection in episode 2? Not to mention in portal itself?
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    How do you reason with religious people?

    wow lot's of help I guess. My friend is rather smart, but for what it seems to mean, he is from texas and baptist... so as long as we don't talk about religion it's all good, but I do like advice on what to do when that subject comes up.