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    I just realized I might be kind of creepy

    Duct tape just sounds like a good emergency tool for a car.
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    I used to be so cringe worthy..

    It used to really bother me, but now I see it as just things I learned from to better myself in the future.
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    I'm an American, how can I get my hands on British chocolate?

    I just got a friend to mail some Belgium chocolates to me. They were awesome.
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    Interstellar: Which ending would you have preferred? SPOILER ALERT

    Also I can not accept humans saving themselves because it is a serious paradox. It could be explained if they stated the human race survived the second dust bowl, but felt it left a black mark on the race that needed be to correct. There was no explanation. They use the black hole to catapult...
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    Got a New PC, wanna take it on a shakedown.

    I never considered breaking out bad optimized games. I guess I could break open half of Obisoft's collection.
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    Got a New PC, wanna take it on a shakedown.

    After 8 years I felt it was time to replace my old pc. This new one has: AMD 8 core 4.7ghz, Radeon R9 80 3gb, 16gb ram I want to find the most graphically intense, card melting pc game out there thats so punishing to my computer it could be considering hardware torture porn. My last game...
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    Study: Children's films have higher death rates than adult movies

    Its a great, but admitted cliched way of forcing a young immature character into adulthood early.
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    Pointless Sex Scenes and Romances in Movies/TV/Games/Books

    It boost ratings, pure and simple. Though I would argue if I wanted a meaningless sex show I'd just watch porn. I think when used sparingly it can be powerful, it is part of relationships after all. But characters shouldn't be built solely for sex, neither should they be thrown out of...
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    Submit Your Bracket for The Escapist's Reader's Choice Game of the Year 2014

    This computer isn't letting me vote. Are they hiding it somewhere or this PC just giving me a hard time?
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    What is your (realistic) Dream Job?

    It was originally Aerospace Engineer, but my math scores made it a difficult venture. Then it was Cop, till I discovered that I had to memorize a law book thicker than the yellow pages. Then it was Video Editor, but its over saturated and without a proper connection to start with its hard to...
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    What's your thoughts on... Selfies.

    They are nice until it becomes a 500mb album on facebook of exactly the same thing. You know kind of like the Spiderman movies.
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    Does sex necessarily have to be learned by trial and error?

    No there are ways to learn before doing some more frowned upon than others. The book titled Kama Sutra would teach you more than you would ever ask Porn gives you insight on positions, dirty talk, games, role playing, etc And then there is always just hiring a hooker for advice, you can't...
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    Your best advice

    I made this list a while ago for my friends that were just about to graduate high school. 1. If you plan to test your limits with alcohol do it with a drink you won?t miss ever being able to drink again. 2. Never wear sandals when driving. Not so much because they are dangerous as much as...
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    Old social values you could get behind

    Studies show children, especially infants are more connected to the mother than the father. Its one of the reasons why you can get pregnancy leave. As a man who is the cook, the cleaner of messes and does the laundry I can see the father staying at home, just thought the mother would have more...