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    The video game that got you into gaming

    Hmm...started gaming 20 years ago. As far as my memory serves me I think it was Super Mario Bros. (NES). Started PC gaming on Windows 3.1x with Nibbles, Gorillas and Hugo. They were awesome and you can't tell me otherwise! :P
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    Laptop choice help!

    I have an M14x and absolutely love it. It is in fact my college laptop as well. It runs games extremely well for a laptop. I prefer the keyboard over the chiclet keyboards and most laptops nowadays, it's really nice to type on. The battery life is fairly good as well for a performance laptop...
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    Greatest final boss theme?

    This music is actually originally in Final Fantasy IV (II on SNES in NA). It's just regular boss music in the game but still good boss music. Thought you might be interested since FF IV predates Super Mario RPG by 5 years. I do believe Culex is the optional boss behind that locked door. He...
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    Poll: What is your age/gender?

    Male and 22
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    If you sold ALL your video games , how much money would you have?

    If I sold EVERYTHING probably $10000+...But I'm a collector and own more than my fair share.
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    Steam Denying My Credit Card?

    I've had that problem and Steam told me my credit card had been blocked by my provider. I called the provider and they said everything was in good standing. I found out that Steam had blocked purchases on my account because I had bought an enormous amount of games in just a couple days because...
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    Worst game sequel

    Perfect Dark Zero. Simple as that. Not the worst game ever made but it doesn't compare to it's predecessor in the extreme. Perfect Dark (N64) was an amazing game, hopefully no one really wants to disagree with me there. When I got my 360 and got Perfect Dark Zero I was actually near ashamed to...
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    What is the oldest game in your collection?

    Combat (1977) for the Atari 2600. (I'm assuming it's the oldest Atari game I have as it was the original game bundled at launch)
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    Poll: What do you call it? Soda, cola, pop, etc...

    Pop from over here in Ontario, Canada of course.
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    Worst ending in a game.

    The only reason I kept playing the game was that I actually wanted to know what was gonna happen. I don't know why but I was a little interested in it so I pushed on. Only to the have the ending slap me in the face, answer nothing and leave me sitting there wondering why I just wasted those...
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    Worst ending in a game.

    I remember the gameplay being really average, bland and boring. It was ok I guess (I've played far worse)....for the $10 I paid for it anyway. The ending just...just...well I basically will never ever touch the game again.
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    Worst ending in a game.

    Has no one here played Clive Barker's Jericho? That is easily the worst ending ever...if you can even call it that.
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    What is your gaming throne?

    Ready-to-break office chair for PC gaming and the extremely comfortable gaming rocker my gf got me last Christmas for console gaming
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    Who do you look like?

    I'm told I look like Wayne Static from Static-X...I just don't have all the hair he does.
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    Games you are absolutely ashamed of owning.

    I don't know what's so bad about it. Sure it has it's issues but I actually liked Two Worlds. To be honest I bought a 2nd copy off eBay before I even tried the game just because I didn't like the condition my first copy was in, and sold that to my friend for $10. I'm really picky about my game...