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    Kylo Ren was the highlight of TFA SPOILERS

    Ugh, Darth Angst was just really obnoxious and nonsensical. And having Han and Leia's kid be the villian felt like cheap, weak writing. Is that really the best they could come up with? Those heroes everyone loves had a kid, and he's some weak-willed emo asshole with anger maneagement issues who...
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    Star Wars Force Awakens Spoiler Filled discussion thread (no spoiler tags, you've been warned)

    Yeah, as others have said, TFA is good, but has quite the list of faults. I feel like they spent way to much time going "LOOK AT THIS IT'S A THING FROM STAR WARS WOOHOO THIS IS A STAR WARS MOVIE" The pacing was way too rushed and the Superweapon felt really shoehorned in, because having a big...
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    OK, let's choose our GOTY and our biggest disappointment of 2015

    GOTY for me is split between Witcher 3 which is as awesome as others have stated here, and Ori and the Blind Forest, which may be smaller but is still a gem of a game with excellent, fluid gameplay, a beautiful artstyle and a fantastic OST. Honorable mentions to Tales of Zestiria and...
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    I need an antidote to Game of Thrones

    I'll always recommend The Dresden Files to anyone wanting some fun fantasy. It's got some darkness to it in parts, sure, and there's certainly lighter & fluffier fantasy to be found. But Dresden's too good to pass up, and personally I can't really get into anything that doesn't have at least a...
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    Meet Saya, an Ultra Realistic, Computer Generated Japanese Schoolgirl

    It was moderately creepy even before they named it Saya. Anyways, speaking as a 3D artist, it is quite good, but the hair does look pretty familiar, having worked with Maya's hair simulation system. I wish I was that good at eyes and ears, though. Damn those are good.
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    Potential dealbreakers for trusted friends? (Resolution added to OP)

    I recently learned one of my close friends prefers the taste of margarine to butter. I... I don't think it's going to work out.
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    The Reason You're (Not) A Console Gamer

    Heh. I know I'm a bit of an outlier, but I have my fancy expensive gaming PC hooked up to a pair of monitors resting on a card table, while I sit in a folding chair.
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    8 Ridiculously Great Expansion Packs

    Neverwinter Nights 2's expansion also deserves a mention, IMO. The base game was solid but not particularly special, but that expansion was just brilliant.
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    Poll: Gaming PC: To build, or buy pre-built?

    I have to recommend building. It lets you get exactly what you want, for less money, and it really isn't as tough as it sounds. There's plenty of good guide videos around, too. Newegg's few on building a PC are very solid. I did my second PC build a month or so ago; after building a midrange...
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    No Witcher 3 DLC This Week, But A Massive Patch is Coming

    More Triss? Yesssss. Other stuff sounds cool too.
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    The Steam Monster Game Sale Bait and Switch

    Also: Your game is on sale. Maybe next time have a little patience before going for the torches and pitchforks.
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    I want to get into PC Gaming. (Yes I'm that guy.)

    Building you PC is more immediate hassle, but it pays off in the long run. In addition to almost certainly saving a bunch of money, you also stand to learn quite a bit about how it all works and fits together, which is quite useful when you want to upgrade components or build your next one. And...
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    The Steam Monster Game Sale Bait and Switch

    I really doubt that Valve has time to be mucking around with some insignificant game in the middle of running their big sale. This was likely either a glitch or meddling by the game devs/publishers. No need to get up in arms about everything. And claiming that they broke the law by not...
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    Will 2015 be the best year in gaming so far for you? It will be for me.

    Eh, I dunno. Witcher 3's great, Ori was very good, but I haven't seen too many others I'm really excited for. I think 2011 wins for me. Mass Effect 2 Human Revolution Skyrim Witcher 2 Dark Souls and probably some others too.
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    Dreams is Media Molecule's PS4 Exclusive About Lucid Dreaming

    I can't help but think that 'Dick Simulator 2016' will prove a more appropriate name for this.