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    If you had to go back in time, and kill one person...

    the execs that cancelled firefly?
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    Poll: British Sitcoms vs American Sitcoms

    I have to say that most american versions of english sitcoms where they decide to change random stuff because "it doesn't translate well" makes me want to build a time machine, go back in time and shoot all the in-any-way competent leaders of the american revolution just to protect future...
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    What's your favourite RTS?

    Mechcommander 2 Supreme Commander and its expansion pack, Forged Alliance Age of Empires 2 and its xpack, The Conquerors Darwinia and Defcon Ground Control 2 and World In Conflict C&C Generals amd its xpack, Zero Hour Homeworld 2 Company of Heroes Emperor: Battle For Dune
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    Why is it that RPGs get criticised for being derivative, but FPS games don't?

    its k sometimes it does get really messed up
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    Why is it that RPGs get criticised for being derivative, but FPS games don't?

    Furburt didn't say that lol, migo did And as for rpgs being derivative, the sub-gnere of jrpgs are extremely so
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    Why all the halo haters?

    I hate to reign on your parade here, but using xfire, which only shows pc games, does not show that CoD is more popular on pc than console Edit: And another thing Halo:CE did make the xbox, it was the "killer" app at launch. I would guess that if a poll was done, most people who bought it at...
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    Have You Ever Been On TV? What For?

    It was funny, very funny watching you up there
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    Poll: Gaming Laptops

    Im going into my third year of college, I have a gaming laptop, no real complaints with it, just gotta remember to treat the battery right
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    Games That You Want Made, But Probably Won't.

    I was thinking about them today I personally would like to see mech commander 3
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    British Game Dev Decries Canadian "Vultures"

    Its ok, just never ever make such slips in the island of Ireland, they are very touchy about the whole thing.
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    British Game Dev Decries Canadian "Vultures"

    Comprehensive fail, by "UK" you're only including Northern Ireland, not the Republic. Northern Ireland receives the same taxes as the other three countries that make up the UK. The op mentions the UK repeatedly. Britain can refer to the UK as well. The Canadian Games Industry is really...
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    inFamous Developer: You Can't Do That on a 360

    nope because buying a lot of ps3s is cheaper than buying the same amount of pcs
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    inFamous Developer: You Can't Do That on a 360

    No they bought them because the original ps3s had the other os feature so that you can run linux on it.
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    i need a new ball of antivirusprogramness. any recommendations?

    FYI if anyone has a copy of Norton '09 still lying about they can get it upgraded to '10 I did back when I upgraded from vista to 7
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    It's not Football, it's Soccer

    I think you all need to calm down and learn to play hurling