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    Editor's Note: Abracadabra

    Congratulations on the mark! Hope there`s plenty of cake there for you guys now!
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    299: The Bolshevik in the Borderlands

    I wish more people could just think like that and enjoy a good game, even if it`s "casual".
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    Ubisoft Unveils a Sexy Wii Minigame Compilation for Adults

    If amateurs could publish wii games, we would have seem something like this years ago. Still, poor people playing this on the video.
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    LoadingReadyRun: It's Magic

    The magician part was the best! Great video
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    279: Homeward (Earth)Bound

    Great article. Not beeing american, I can`t really relate to most of what you said, but it`s good to know that it feels like that for you americans. For me it was more like of a fable book about the perfect childhood, and that inconscious travel realle put me in the mood, at the time, to...
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    Stolen Pixels #241: The Gaming Afterlife

    Nice one! Good new take on that old joke! Off-topic: I initially tought this was about the place we go when we die. I really wish we have a gaming heaven with all sorts of games, no bugs, no copy protection, and infinite time...!
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    Stolen Pixels #240: After After Curfew, Pt. 4

    I`m gettin 403 error from the poster link. Is there an alternative link?
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    276: Pop! You're Dead

    I I never even tryed top spin on him! It was such a crappy weapon...
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    Ctrl+Tab: Zombies Took My Daughter!

    I`ve played it to completion twice, and it`s really good overall. The music is very sad, tough. You forgot to mention this game has very unusual weapons, like: teddybears, slices of bread... all very lethal!
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    Websites you can spend hours on.

    Kongregate and Newgrounds
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    Nintendo Doesn't Blame Piracy for Poor Software Sales

    Not sure about this, see PS3... well, if they manage to make it pirate-free for as much time as sony has, it'll be very successfull...
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    Poll: Why do you think men like showing off scars?

    Because it shows the've beeen through hard times, and survived. Think of them as medals.
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    Ctrl+Tab: Multitask

    That was a good one. Thanks for the review!
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    On Difficulty Levels

    Reminds me of The world Ends With YOu, on wich you can change difficulty and drop down character levle to mayke it harder anytime between battles.
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    The Needles: Goodbye, Mr. (Mod)Chips

    As Keava said, I believe this show this politicians' ignorance on teh subject. So if somebody decides to protect something, it means it's ilegal to copy it, but if the person doesn't, it's OK? Seems even kindo of ilogical to me, but I kust cant really point it out. In the other hand, I can...