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    St. Urho's Day

    Hey, Escapist. I wanted to know: tomorrow, how many of you will be flying your purple along with me in support of St. Urho's Day? What's St. Urho's Day, you say? Well, it's a primarily Finnish holiday celebrated mainly in Finland, some of the Midwestern US (like myself) and small parts of...
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    Things You're Proud To Own

    I have those sam VHSs in my basement. OT: I have a very old Kay guitar, a 1950s detective-style hat, a gold watch with a diamond in it, a bag used by my grandfather in the Vietnam War, and a suitcase full of newspaper clippings from the day after JFK was shot. ALSO, my uncle (hopefully me...
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    Things You're Proud To Own

    I have those VHSs in my basement. OT: My favorite possessions are a very old Kay guitar and a hat from the 50s that both belonged to my grandpa. I also enjoy my gold watch with a diamond in it, a sack used by my grandfather during the Vietnam War, and a suitcase full of newspaper articles...
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    You spent how much?!

    If my guitar lessons work out(at 17 bucks a pop, they better!), I'm gonna buy one of these babies: Although, with a black body. The whole ensemble will cost me around 200 bucks. (My nearest guitar store has them for 130USD, abd with a...
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    A question for Dexter fans ...

    Didn't Dexter's Lab end a couple of years ago? Kidding!
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    Favorite childhood theme song?

    I like Dexter's Lab's choir performance. I like Animaniacs's clever rhymes. I like Angry Beavers's trumpet/xylophone. No wait. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH OHHHHHHHH OH-OHHHOHHH-OHHOHHH THIS IS ALL THAT THIS IS ALL THAT
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    Guestimate, and other words that may annoy you

    Any slang word with a "z". Example: shizzle, drizzle, nizzle, etc. Makes you sound really stupid.
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    Poll: Your Voice Range (Music Jokes Welcome)

    I have absolutely no idea. I looked up all of the ranges, and none of them seem to apply to me. I can hit(in my ear) c2 - c7, the full range of my keyboard. I'm not in any way inclined to musical knowledge, but I'm probably off a bit.
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    I've seen a lot of stories lately on the Police in the US. This is by far the worst.

    Where I'm from, this is called "against the law".
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    Best Musical Score in a game...ever!

    How has NO ONE said Beatles Rock Band yet?
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    Need help identifying a guitar

    Hey there, Escapist. I happen to have an old Kay guitar that I want to know more about. I don't know too much about guitars, so I need your help. Here's most of the info: It's an acoustic 12-string Kay, my guess being 40s-60s It has a very tightly curved body 3 ply (black white black)...
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    Your Embarrassing Childhood Nickname

    Mike. That's not even close to my real name (Michael)
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    Poll: Power in Video Games?

    The reason I liked SW: TFU and Just Cause 2 was the feeling of ridiculous amount of power you had.
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    Favourite Crap Movie

    I'm sorry, but Monster A Go-Go is the worst movie ever made. I like most movies MST3k has done, because their comments play in my mind during them.
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    The "I'm Awesome" Thread

    Tracks of land?