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    Minecraft-like game, except 2d!

    I like this game. Alot. I still love Minecraft, as it has a certain charm to it....but Terraria has much more things to do, better NPCs, Enemies, etc.
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    Poll: Are you a compulsive reloader?

    Yes... A while back, I was playing MW2..... I kept getting shot in the nuts because I kept reloading....after I killed a guy while not realzing his teammate is BEHIND HIM.
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    If two identical robots fought, which one would win?

    *Cough* The on that isn't running Vista *Cough*
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    Your favorite way to kill guards.

    Wow. That is a fabulously savoring plan. Better than the "SHOOT THE GUARDS THEY DIEZ HURR DURRS"
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    Minecraft : Daft Punk Helmet

    Jesus. Get your silly words out of here before my Robot Rock(s) you and you'll be forced into my dreaded washing machine Steam Machine ; and we'll meet Face to Face
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    Minecraft : Daft Punk Helmet

    Picture of me in-game. I'll give you a link to the Leather Jacket version of this if you want.
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    Minecraft : Daft Punk Helmet

    As am I. It's been Too Long since I had this much fun. Enjoy The Prime Time of Your Life .
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    Poll: How do you like your steak?

    Rare. My dad makes it like this : . I could taste the blood.
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    Minecraft : Daft Punk Helmet

    Hahahaha, I think they're something Technologic about it, and I think there is Something about us . xD
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    Poll: Do you think Minecraft is scary?

    ... I installed a really really cheerful texture pack. So Zombies are smiling. And creepers look like something out of a children's book. So I find Minecraft quite happy.
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    Minecraft : Daft Punk Helmet

    Sorry. Fix'd now.
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    Minecraft : Daft Punk Helmet

    Something I've been working on. It's not done yet. This is just the visor.
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    You have been transformed into your avatar.

    Daft Punk - Guy Manuel's Helmet. That said, if I was the helmet, I would be forever happy.
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    Cheat codes you remember

    tgm : Fallout 3 & Oblivion's "GOD MODE" cheat.