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    Worst thing you've done to end an argument?

    Burst into tears. Yes. I said it.
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    what is yahtzee's best review

    Painkiller ^ What this guy said /thread end of discussion :p
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    Uncommon Hobby

    As mentioned elsewhere on the forum - I keep chickens. In a city. Although I might have to eat my cockerel this weekend if he keeps going off before 7am. Sod the neighbours - I hate being woken up before 7am.
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    Tsunami "payback" for Pearl Harbour

    Just when I thought the internet couldn't get any lower :(
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    lol! No - we got Nasdaq as a poulet before they start displaying sexual characteristics. We'd hoped he'd produce lovely white eggs as he's a fairly pure breed - then one morning he started crowing. We face-palmed.
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    Nasdaq is a welsummer cock We've got 2 white rocks - Becky & Gruffalo 3 Sussex's - Daisy, Lulu & Marmaduke A Pole/leghorn cross called Troy 2 rhode island red hybrids called Duck & Cartoon Finally two mongrel birds - Attila and Kuku You'd be amazed just how little space you need to keep...
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    So my Mrs & I keep chickens. We've had them since October last year and we've now got 13 (all were supposed to be girls until one of them started crowing - so the breeder gave us another chick to make up for it) While I've seen a great many - "So what do you think about..." threads - I...
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    Poll: The show the escapist couldn't survive without

    I came to this site following ZP - and I stayed for everything else they had here..
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    How would YOU end the world?

    I already am...
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    Daily Drop: Jam

    Wow. I'll debate the contents of that jar actually being called "Jam". That stuff really is better on the floor. It looks like it was blessed with a raspberry from a great distance.
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    What is your degree in?

    Electronics & Telecomms Engineering Latter focus on High Frequency Telecomms (which was an epic mindfuck I've gotta say). Basically GHz communication - as a result of which I will personally slap anyone who says "I don't use a mobile phone because it cooks your brain") One of my lecturers...
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    You open your closet door and find a portal...

    ^ Either this or The Dresden-verse or possibly the universe where I get to live in the same city as my wife. /emo
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    Poll: Can you build a PC?

    I've built every computer I've owned since my first year of uni. I've been through 6 revisions and about 4 different cases. I'll post the specs when I've finished building in it's current form - fun and games with the motherboard.
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    cybernetic implant

    Cibernetic sinuses. Never have a cold again. Think about it :p
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    Question of the Day, January 9, 2011

    If I didn't suck so badly at guitar hero - TOTALLY!