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    Can I talk about this modern trend in "diversity casting in TV shows?"

    The film Candyman granted but he was originally an white brit (albeit still in an poor neighborhood) ghost who hypothetically have been played by Colin Baker apparently. /nitpick
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    Funny Events of the "Woke" world

    My sister in christ we do have an strong party. "Control the crazies" is not what a rival political party does nor are they your friendly budget checker and/or where you go if you just want to cheer lead CEO rather than make something on your own. SMH
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    Your video game hot take(s) thread

    The bioshock series as an a whole says "Sophia Lamb was (mostly) correct." and "subject delta AND Eleanor are the fulfillment of the whole thing."
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    Scott Cawthon (FNaF guy) cancelled

    Supporting an lesser evil when the systems makes anything good hard is different from supporting someone who worst and being in denial and/or lying about it about it. But the actual answer is: It depends. FP is starting to have dissents and shake ups and people can support alongside the lesser...
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    Scott Cawthon (FNaF guy) cancelled

    The problem isn't an new ideology is that people no matter what side they're on are in general incapable of doing mass criticism politely. That sucks ass but even if we should just shut up it's impossible to implement. As clearly the people being targeted can't help but do it themselves. It's...
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    Biden team faced "tirade" at meeting with Chinese over America's poor human rights record in "Diplomatic humiliation"

    Forgive me for jumping in but one can do both and will absolutely shut people if you said "This isn't relevant but yes Xi sucks on this issues in specific ways too." If it turns out you either don't believe that or you said that already i'll join the peanut gallery.
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    Joe Biden backs away from a public option.

    Resources and infrastructure aren’t synonyms but like both of us the latter taking some time is still a poor excuse.
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    Joe Biden backs away from a public option.

    Medicare doesn't have a national distribution plan. How the hell is the infrastructure going to show overnight? The question is why does it matter crimson's point? The economy isn't going to just quickly adjust to $15 or actually getting the checks out but Biden is still pushing it. I think...
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    So Comic Star Lord is Bi/Polyamorous

    The chihnese goverment is acting like they're going to work on gay rights. Doesn't they're going to do that but that's the behavior of militantly anti-gay exactly...
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    So Comic Star Lord is Bi/Polyamorous

    Good for him. Dinsey could stand to outdo JK in one area and Gunn seems like the guy who can do it....that doesn't mean it's going to happen tho.
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    What are you currently playing?

    f-zero x It's a pretty weird mix of 4th and 5rh gen. Manged to fine the addon and made a couple tracks. Turns out along with being a decent racer i'm a good tracer as well. The addon tracks are ***** tho. 4/5 If a remaster were to happen i would've liked more music and more freedom with the...
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    Discuss and Rate the Last Film You Watched

    I watched man bites dog. It was pretty much very dry mockumentary horcom. I could understand why someone could stand that tone and there was some very horrying scenes as well as very comedic but the excution just wasn't my cup of tea. 5/10
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    Some good music.

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    Biden off to a great start!

    Change that to once every 2 years and you're right. There's also the over emphasis on what the federal government does in news and discourse as expense to people missing the nuances of state and local issues.
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    Biden off to a great start!

    TBF Worgen isn't calling you apatheic but that the only response people are going to get out of reading criticism of biden is to become apathetic. This is pretty much the vibe i've seen on multiple forums "If you're harshly criticizing politicians then you 're saying we should just give up...