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    The Big Picture: Favorite Ms. Take - Part 2

    Man, that's not about comics being weird. That is just shite.
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    Critical Miss: A Tale of Two One Hedgehogs

    You can't kill him - he had a ring.
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

    But the question is - will Yahtzee review it?
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    World of Warcraft Slips Further

    With an auction house where you can buy stuff for real cash? Or that limited time offer that gives a free copy of Diablo 3 if you buy a one year subscription for WoW? Don't make me laugh.
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    Escape to the Movies: Tower Heist

    What, Puss in the Boots isn't good?
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    Israeli Court Says No Consoles For Prisoners

    I understand that we're on the Internet, but you could totally use some of these "private leesons" and actually benefit from "benifets" they might provide.
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    Richard Garriott Wants Blizzard and EA to Go Social

    The question is, when the time comes, will Zynga have something better to offer than shitty browser games relying exclusively on micro transactions and the success of a social network it is placed in? Personally, I doubt so. As for Lord British, I don't really see what the man is praised for...
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    Australian R18+ Game Rating Still a "Couple of Years" Away

    That's bureaucracy for ye. Also, aussies have bigger problems. Like games that cost twice the american price.
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    The Escapist Raises Hell in Escapecraft

    Oh well, I don't have Minecraft nor am I interested in it.
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    Seattle "Superhero" Arrested For Pepper Spray Assault

    I wonder if it's Batman or The Avengers promo. Hmm...
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    Escape to the Movies: Drive

    I can't imagine The Escapist without Bob anymore.
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    MK: Rebirth Director Finally Gets to Direct Actual Mortal Kombat Movie

    Too bad the web series was shit. Not expecting anything from the big version.
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    Syndicate Gameplay Trailer Turns Up the Heat

    This looks like your average shooter. Fancy Bodycount with some techno mambo-jumbo, I say.
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    Open Source Software Company Set to Earn $1 Billion

    The problem of these UNIX based systems is that there are A LOT of 'em and an average user just gets lost in such a vast amount of OSs. And these penguins DO NEED that average user to ever overcome the 1-2% barrier of installs on desktops.
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    Internet Scavenger Hunt Now Live! Complete the Challenge. Win Prizes.

    Uh, so a bunch of numbers wasn't enough? Eh, what do you know.