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    Speculation Into Sony’s Recent String of Anti-Consumer (Gamer) Behavior

    If Sony is going to be adding backwards compatibility for anything other than PS4 games, they're probably going to charge for it. But I'm sure they won't do it anyway because "why would anybody play this" guy is the one calling the shots.
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    Your "What were they thinking." Moment while you were playing a game.

    Playing Mario 64 for the first time since the early 2000's when the All-Stars collection came out last year was... an experience. I remember playing that game so much when I was a kid and I don't know how I was ever ok with that camera.
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    Your "What were they thinking." Moment while you were playing a game.

    I'll be that guy and go with this. There are plenty other issues with the game of course, but this last 10 minutes basically just threw everything the series had been building up to in the garbage. It's so frustrating when you play Mass Effect 2 and they were clearly planning something very...
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    Games that are bad (or everyone else hates) that you like.

    Dragon Age II was a better Dragon Age game than Inquisition. I also really liked how they handled the morality system in that game and it is a bummer that they never revisited the concept.
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    Nintendo Direct Tomorrow 2-17-21

    Pyra means we get more Xenoblade music in Smash, which is always good. Other than that I was very underwhelmed with this. I think I got my hopes up too much for Zelda 35th anniversary stuff, maybe they'll have a direct for that next week on the 21st?
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    Nintendo Direct Tomorrow 2-17-21

    I think this is the first proper direct we've had since 2019, while I'm keeping my expectations in check I'm just very happy we're finally getting one after all this time. Gives me a sense of... normalcy I guess?
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    Mass Effect: Legacy Edition trailer is out

    Infiltrator was actually fun in ME1 because you could basically turn yourself into a walking tank. Explosive rounds and frictionless materials to off-set the heat generation. I did my Insanity playthrough with an infiltrator and guys just went flying when I shot them.
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    Mass Effect: Legacy Edition trailer is out

    I went with Control my first time beating the game pre-extended cut. Simply because my thought process was "Ok, so I'll just take over the Reapers and then have them all fly into stars and destroy themselves. That way I can still destroy the Reapers while the Geth and EDI don't have to die"...
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    Mass Effect: Legacy Edition trailer is out

    Oh without a doubt one of the best and most satisfying Renegade interrupts in the game. Right behind punching that Quarian Admiral in the gut.
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    Mass Effect: Legacy Edition trailer is out

    I love everything about the Tuchanka and Rannoch sections of the game. Also, Kai Leng is hands down the worst villain in the series. Still can't believe they had him
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    Mass Effect: Legacy Edition trailer is out

    My biggest hope for this release are bug fixes. In Mass Effect 2 in particular you have to walk on eggshells to get certain scenes to properly play. No matter what I do the ending of Jack's loyalty mission is bugged and just skips straight to the cutscene even if you decide to stay and check...
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    Microsoft Doubles Gold: $120 per year.

    And of course they'll get away with it and this will become industry standard. Sony is probably salivating right now.
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    A few thoughts about January 6, 2021

    I learned that back in the early-mid 2000's with 9/11 truthers. The only good way to deal with a conspiracy theorist is to ignore them.
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    My Smash Bros Ultimate Fighter Pack 2 Character Bingo List. What are yours?

    This is glorious... and accurate.
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    Would you take a Covid-19 vaccine?

    Once it's deemed safe and the more at risk people get vaccinated first, yes.