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    Ant-Man Death Watch: Rawson Thurber Reportedly Passes On Director Job

    Wait, the Wasp is the guy with wings on the right of the OP image? I thought the Wasp was that woman who is Ant-man's sidekick. (Sorry, I don't read comics.)
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    Wizards of the Coast Files Copyright Lawsuit Against Crypotozoic's HEX MMO

    Sources have just told me id Software has just sued Activision, EA, and MS for cloning Doom. /s
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    Lucasfilm Makes It Official: Star Wars: Expanded Universe Is Dead

    Wow, that's so sad for SW fans. I could care less about SW, but I'm a HUGE Halo fan, and it would be horrible for me if they did the same with the Halo EU.
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    The Crownless King-to-Be of Late Night TV

    I'm kinda confused of why they CBS chose Colbert. It's a lose/lose situation for them. The old Late Show viewers are gonna complain of Colbert's political view, and leave for something similar to what they watch. CBS will probably censor Colbert to a degree, but it'll still be a change. And...
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    Top 6 Reasons to Get Back Into Pokemon

    For the ones who have XY, is there still a Dream World? That was the most annoying feature of BW, the fact to get the berries needed to lower my pokemon's EV, I needed to wait once a day to do some annoying minigames on my PC.
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    Borderlands 2 Gets New TK Baha's Bloody Harvest DLC October 22

    He returned as a zombie in the Zombie Island of Dr. Ned DLC for BL 1. EDIT: Ninja'd
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    Microsoft Disputes PS4 Power Advantage

    Some games looked better on the 360 than on PS3, but that's because the Xbox was far easier to program on that on PS3. Now X1 doesn't have that advantage, as PS4 is apparently pretty easy to port and code.
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    A Magnet For Cats

    At least its not Juice. I'm even afraid of posting a link of the "song".
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    E3 Predictions/Dream E3 Announcement

    Prediction: Microsoft: Same as last year:Kinect, Media, CoD, Halo 4 that now plays like CoD Dream: Halo 4 doesn't play as CoD Following the "Dream" songs: [youtube=0xueCCyZ5V8
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    Zero Punctuation: Dead Island

    He mentioned Zeno Clash! Yay, somebody remembers it.
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    Do you put helmets on your characters?

    Always. I love helmets and masks, I don't like a character showing it face. There is no helmet on the game? Glasses.
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    Critical Miss: LESBIANS

    I didnt get the joke....
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    Escape to the Movies: Red State

    Oh, I thought the "Red" in the title meaned blood or violence... Nice review Bob!
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    Would anyone jump ship (leave their country) if they could?

    Yeah, probably USA,UK or Europe. Its not that I dont like Chile, but there is nothing here. Plus, I dont have much to left behind...