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    Why aren't you sick of Marvel Movies yet?

    Hear is the thing with this whole tiredness argument I don't get, the actual amount of content produced. A movie is 2 hours long on average if that, so its 4-6 hours a year of content. A yearly game release or a tv show with a full season both have 3+ times as much content put out per year with...
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    Bethesda Raising Fallout 4 DLC Season Pass Price and Details First Content

    Even digital goods are constrained by what the devs have time to make. They saw how popular fallout 4 was so they decide to make more and bigger dlc. Which means it will take them more time to make it. Ergo they need more money so they can all still get payed for that time. It?s just like paying...
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    Poll: Let's talk about Dark Souls' ending

    People here seem to have a really odd view of futility. You are going to die. Does that make it futile to exercise and eat right so you can live 10-20 years longer? The whole idea of the darksouls narrative is that things will come and go, but that does not mean it not worth fighting to make...
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    Blizzard Kills Patron Warrior With Hearthstone Card Nerf

    This would make a lot of sense, but as explained in the video by the dev, they were more concerned with the fact that it?s a basic card that is part of the new player experience, than it being in any way good. He also said that they were unhappy with a card that had both a condition and a...
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    Blizzard is Hiring For an "Unannounced Diablo Project"

    I don?t know, I don?t think I would want an offline mode programed by an art director.
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    So... The Beginners Guide

    I found it very moving as a story of a failed friendship not simply as something for creative types. The message I got out of it is about the interpretation of games and the interpretation of other people and who much this can be influenced by your own state of mind. To me the most meaningful...
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    Fallout 4 Eliminates Skills From Character System

    A lot of it in my experience as well is that most of these "complex" systems are actually very similar to solve. If you have balanced attack speed, crit chance, and base damage once it gets easier and easier to do it again. Most of the more complex systems people obfuscate this a little but, it...
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    TGS 2015 - Dragon Quest Builders Hands-On Preview

    That sound like quite a big change to Minecraft to me. In fact it sound very similar to what makes terraria not just 2d Minecraft, and what would make me interested in playing the game.
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    The Jungle Book Live-Action Trailer Is Visually Astounding, Unnecessarily Gritty

    I may be wrong about this as I have never run through a jungle naked but the idea sounds like a really good way to get random branches and bushes hitting you where you don?t want to be hit. So there could be a quite practical reason he keeps the loin cloth around.
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    Which was the best mass effect game?

    I agree with the general sentiment so far. 1 had the best world building, 2 the best story and 3 the best gameplay. Though I feel like I should specify more that 3s multiplayer had the best gameplay of the whole lot simply due to its play verity after all the characters where out. The main...
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    Could you censor a topless woman by photoshopping in male nipples?

    I agree with all of this but the question is, is it actully a bad thing? If so why? This is basicly my question to the eniter thread you may be able to get around the censors this way, but why would you want to? Also if your anwaser is simply you like seeing boobies you may want to reconisder...
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    Casuals vs. Bads: A Gaming Issue

    This pretty much covers my opion but I would like to add that I see a lot of people confusing this game is hard, and or complex, and this game forces me to waste a bunch of my time memorizing things or making small insignificant decisions. Memorizing things is not hard and it?s not good...
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    Harem Anime

    Never really understood this, the limited amount of harem anime I have seen is very long on emotional attachment and sexual tension, and very short on the actuall sex. My reaction to that kind of situation would be to be very unhappy about it. Sure their is likely one girl in the group I could...
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    the Hugo awards and sad puppies.

    Sorry for any confusion. It was supposed to be a jab at people not understanding gender identity.
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    the Hugo awards and sad puppies.

    It?s an awarded given off a popular vote that most people won?t care about unless they are pointed to it with motivation other than the quality of the book, because most people don?t care about books. So you can list my down as not being surprised or caring that much. Well most of the best...