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    How original is your username and have you ever run across someone else who is using it?

    100% original, thought i was quite a genius when i first came up with it
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    What game do you LOVE to go back and play?

    NfS Underground 2, just a awesome game to play again driving around with your new upgraded car.
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    Games that have really stuck with you

    Pokemon Silver - Had to catch them all really, and it was my first Game Boy Color game.
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    Poll: Do You Swear?

    It depends. Sometimes i dont swear, but if i play a game and loose you can really hear it.
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    Next game you're looking forward to

    Skate 3, only 12 more days :D
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    Pokemon Ideas?

    Nintendo takes over the world. Makes real Pokemon. Everyone leave school to catch em. Would be awesome
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    Pokeball Button Combos

    Classic is A + B, but then discovered that i catched Suicune by holding B + Up. If none works its holding all the buttons untill you catch it.
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    Poll: Games of May

    Skate 3, can't wait...
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    Pokemon Black and White Gameplay Video

    Even more Pokemons too remember -.-
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    Poll: Which sex do you play?

    Depends on the game. Played skate as a male, but after a few hours changed it into female. Made the game much more interesting...
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    A game thats just not fun anymore.

    Forza 3. Was pretty fun at the start, but now with races which last for 30 minutes, its no fun anymore.
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    Current pokemon anime series is coming to an end

    After the Johto series Pokemon went downhill, how many pokemons are there now? 1000?
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    Skate 3 Demo: Why Tell When I Can Show?

    The Darkslide is just awesome, also the rings which shows you where you'll land in a bail. Skate 3 is going to rock
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    games your looking forward to

    Cant wait untill Skate 3 comes, just a month to wait :)