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    Scrolls May Go Free-to-Play

    Bad deck building UI, bad balance at the start, and not so fun gameplay, this game needs a bit of tweaking (at least from what I remember)
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    Lets Talk The Big 3 (Anime shows)

    They are called the big 3 not because they're good but because they're popular and arguably the three big entry level anime's for western audiences since DBZ
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    Lets Talk The Big 3 (Anime shows)

    Sigh. I think that people dismiss Bleach too easily, specially when taking into account the anime over the manga. Yes Bleach went downhill after Soul Society Arc which I think is due to the fact that Kubo decided to emulate the Arc in the Hueco Mundo arc, without half the story, the twists...
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    Games that you enjoy, but the critics did not.

    Final Fantasy X-II I mean, it has the most optimized turn-based system of all Final Fantasy allowing both strategy, fun and speed, and a great implementation of the job system. The story really picks up after Act 1 and allows you to explore a world after the Big Bad has been vanquished...
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    Lightning Returns Getting Final Fantasy VII Pre-Order Bonuses

    On a more serious note he is also relevant as a perspective during the Balamb Town occupation arc. That and for some reason he's the most knowledgeable character about most places you go to. The man even knows stuff about the Deep Sea Research Facility. That and his character's card is the...
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    Final Fantasy VIII Getting High-Res PC Release

    Still one of my favourite FF's. Also heavily underrated due to how easy it is to exploit and due to the fact it was not Final Fantasy VII. Oh and the stupid disc II plot twists.
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    Gaming plot holes

    Asari can read minds with their whole mumbo jumbo mental link, the council has an Asari. She didn't even thought of checking Shepard's mind like say Liara.
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    Dragon Age 3: Inquisition

    I found the templars/mages conflict to be the weakest and the one that tried the most to force the whole morally grey card in DA:O II also found The Fade a snooze-fest after the first playthrough. DA2 focused on mages/templars once again, while commiting a whole bunch of storytelling no-nos...
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    Dishonoured: Killing when you have an option not to.

    I did a Ghost/Clean Hands playthrough and enjoyed the hell out of it. The only outcome I disliked was that the non-lethal resolution for one of the quests was to hand over the target to a big 'fan'. That just seemed weird to me since every other target is much less morally grey in outcomes...
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    BioWare Confirms Dragon Age III: Inquisition

    Oh boy I disliked the focus in the Chantry/Mages in II, wasn't really interested in having this be DA III's main focus again.
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    MOBA champions you wish you could play.

    Jax and Karthus in LoL, at 1800 ELO I thought I could do well with almost anything, but ffs i just can't the get the hang of Jax and Karthus
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    Pokemon pre-evolutions that look better than the evolved form.

    Fuck, was going to just post this. Still: Quilava looks better than Typhlosion Pidgeotto looks better than Mafioso-ot Pikachu looks better than fat-chu Seadra looks better than Derperina Nidorino looks better than Nidoking Vigoroth looks better than Slaking Poliwhirl looks better...
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    Top 3 Favorite Legendary Pokemon?

    Lugia- Great design Articuno- Elegant and was a ***** to find in the original Blue/Red Dialga looks cool.
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    Dishonored Displays Some Creative Killing

    youtube stats take a day or two to update, same with showing up on the search engine.
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    That one game you want to be announced.

    Parasite Eve 1 & 2 Remake Project Zero 4 PAL