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    March Madness 2010?

    People keep saying that there should be some way to halt joining The Escapist during march madness but what they don't realize is that march madness is all about adding more members.
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    WoW: Cataclysm Cinematic Intro Blows Everything Up Forever

    WoW becomes less appealing to me with every expansion they release.
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    the most impractical weapon you have ever incountered in a videogame

    Really? Really? You know you can zoom in with the carbine, right? In my opinion, the carbine is an excellent weapon.
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    What's the Deadliest Thing Currently Within Your Reach?

    A big crystal to smash over someone's head.
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    You have Portal 2 coming out before Episode 3?

    Maybe Portal 2 IS Epside 3 :O
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    Laptop keyboard issue

    That happened to me and I just pushed'em back on. Maybe it only works with some models.
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    Poll: I need some comp help...

    I say high end. Even if you have to wait a while it will last longer.
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    Poll: How much notoriety do you believe you have in the escapist community?

    Proably around a 1. I guess I used to be (slightly) better known than I am now.
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    What Does Cleverbot Say About YOU?

    After hello hello and such: User: So, what are you up to today? Cleverbot: Talking to you and waiting to heal. User: Heal from what? Cleverbot: I don't know. User: That's unfortunate. Where do you live? Cleverbot: I'm sorry, but I don't just hand out my address to random men. User: And...
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    Poll: how do you sleep at night?

    I sleep on either one my sides. I absolutely can't fall asleep on my back or stomach.
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    What things would you love to see fight?

    Replicators (Stargate) versus The Flood (Halo). Oh God that would be epic.
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    Poll: Escapist, what's your sexuality?

    I'm a straight male. I'm guessing that thats going to by far the largest group.
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    Just got a nasty virus... from The Escapist?

    Well thanks all you guys, everything seems to be fine now. I'm in the process of downloading AVG :)
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    Energy Drinks

    I drink a Monster occasionally. Though I only like the green kind :P